Php Vs Asp Web Scripting Computer Science Essay

This paper examines the difference between the two server-side scripting linguistic communications i.e. PHP ( Hypertext Preprocessor ) and ASP ( Active Server Pages ) . Both these linguistic communications are used to make dynamic web pages that allow interacting and interchanging information with databases. ASP is a type of plan that requires a Microsoft Server for the web site to work. On the other, PHP can either run on Linux or Unix Server or NT Server. We will discourse about the assorted factors like cost, velocity, characteristics, platform compatibility and many more by comparing both of these linguistic communications.

Furthermore, we will discourse about advantages and disadvantages of both linguistic communications. In decision, we will urge which 1 is better depending on the state of affairs.


Server side scripting linguistic communications is going a popular pick among the web developers. Languages such as Perl, PHP, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion are few options that are found in web development solutions. These linguistic communications were wholly created to make advanced programming on the Internet.

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Using these linguistic communications, we can make assorted sorts of things such as transforming a basic web page into a web application. Among these options, PHP and ASP are more widely used for making dynamic web sites that allow interacting and interchanging information with databases. Furthermore, the pick between these two waiter side scripting linguistic communications is a changeless beginning of het argument on the Internet today. ASP and PHP are both website designing linguistic communications that run on backend waiters like Apache Server and Windows OS.

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ASP is a type of plan that requires a Microsoft Server for the web site to work. On the other, PHP can either run on Linux or Unix Server or NT Server. We will discourse about the assorted factors like cost, velocity, characteristics, platform compatibility and many more and compare both of these linguistic communications. Furthermore, we will discourse about advantages and disadvantages of both linguistic communications. In decision, we will urge which 1 is better depending on the state of affairs.


Harmonizing to Webopedia, & A ; acirc ; ˆ?PHP is an unfastened beginning, server-side, and HTML embedded scripting linguistic communication used to make dynamic Web pages. & A ; acirc ; ˆA? PHP was created and originally designed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf and subsequently modified by assorted developers. PHP is one of the most popular linguistic communications used for web development today. PHP allows you to roll up, procedure and use informations to assist construct web sites that a user desires to obtain. It is an highly capable linguistic communication, with a huge array of constitutional maps to make everything from tracking user Sessionss to bring forthing dynamic artworks. It is able to execute multiple undertakings including printing informations, doing numeral computations, doing comparings, and making more complex cringles and maps to bring forth more specialised information.

PHP and ASP depict big graduated table differences in signifier of assorted factors like cost, characteristics, velocity, platform compatibility, and many others. The cost of PHP is perfectly free which in bend attracts bulk of independent web developers. PHP belongs to a free package community and since it is non individual handedly owned by any single or any corporates, it can be used at no cost. Besides, PHP uses databases such as MySQL which are freely available every bit good. Relatively, PHP codification runs faster than ASP because it runs in its ain memory as opposed to ASP which is a COM based architecture. PHP can run on assorted platforms like Linux, Unix, Windows, and Solaris. PHP is based on C++ linguistic communication and the sentence structure used in PHP is rather similar to C/C++ .

PHP has many advantages compared to many other linguistic communications. One of the advantages of utilizing PHP is its relaxation to larn and user friendly characteristics, particularly for developers with C/C++ experience. It besides offers many degrees of security to forestall malicious onslaughts from internal or external menaces. These security degrees can be adjusted in the.ini file. Another advantage to PHP is its connective abilities, i.e. uses a modular system of extensions to interface with a assortment of libraries. A immense advantage to PHP is its free community that allows one to pass on, portion and interact with other users doing it easier to inquire for aid. PHP has an ability to back up multiple databases including MySQL and mSQL. It allows entree to the databases straight through SQL statements. PHP is a fully fledged linguistic communication which allows one to compose many complex applications. Development in PHP is speedy and since it is slackly typed linguistic communication, it makes basic books much faster to develop with less attending to plan. Like we discussed earlier, PHP is free and runs on assorted platforms which provides flexibleness to users by non restricting the platform to Windows merely.

Along the lines of advantages of PHP, allow us take a expression at few disadvantages every bit good. One disadvantage of PHP would be complexness in big undertakings that demands a certain degree of experience. Since PHP is a slackly typed linguistic communication, it allows room for unforeseen behaviour to developers due to programmer mistake. If you have sensitive information that needs to be shared or stored firmly, PHP might non be a good pick because of its security defects that are highly good known. Mistake handling is a common job in PHP because of its hapless ability in rectifying mistakes. Language wise, PHP lacks the full object oriented capablenesss that can be found in other linguistic communications such as private variables, multiple heritages, and so on.


Active Server Pages ( ASP ) was developed by Microsoft and because of that, any web sites that are created utilizing ASP linguistic communication must be hosted merely on Microsoft Server in order to work decently. By and large, most of the waiters running Windows today are utilizing Windows NT, Windows Server 2000, and Windows Server 2003. ASP works with the most popular scripting linguistic communications such as JavaScript, VBScript, PerlScript Java and C. Furthermore, it can link to all databases such as Access, Oracle and so on. ASP is browser- independent i.e. all the scripting codification tallies on the waiter. Just like with most HTML codification, ASP does necessitate both gap ticket and shutting tickets. Failure to add these tickets in appropriate topographic points would take to error in lading the pages. ASP is closely linked to the Windows operating system and Internet Information Services ( IIS ) web waiter.

In order to run ASP linguistic communication, one needs to hold Microsoft Server or IIS installed which can be obtained at some cost. Unlike PHP, ASP package is non freely available for download. Relatively, ASP runs much slower than PHP because it does run on its ain memory. Platform compatibility is limited to Microsoft Windows merely. However, sometimes ASP can run on Linux utilizing ASP-Apache package on the waiter. ASP does non come with pre-installed constituents like file transfer protocol, email from a web page, and so on. This adds to extra cost for geting these extra constituents. Last, ASP uses bulk of Visual Basic sort of sentence structure which is once more closely related to Microsoft merchandises.

Now, we will discourse about the advantages of ASP. There are legion advantages of ASP, among these one of them would be its good supported engineering backed by Microsoft community. This community provides proficient articles and support stuffs for ASP developers. Another advantage is that it is easy to larn, and coders can use simple dynamic characteristics to make web sites. ASP is more convenient and efficient compared to other linguistic communications such as CGI/PERL. ASP books have a characteristic of composing package and maintaining clasp of any proprietary scheduling. In other words, no VBScripts codification can be viewed if you click on View Source on your browser. Hence, this adds an excess degree of security to ASP development. ASP contains many of the compiled constituents that are sold by 3rd party application sellers. Normally, the cost of ASP is included in the package you already own. Personal web waiter can be downloaded for free from Microsoft & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s web site. With the usage of ASP, any contents of a dynamic web page can be edited, updated or changed easy.

Similar to PHP and other scripting linguistic communications, ASP has its ain disadvantages. Since book codification is interpreted at runtime, it provides hapless public presentation as compared to PHP. The biggest disadvantage of ASP is that it is non free unless you decide to run on a Windows Server. Relatively, there is no room for flexibleness in platform compatibility. It is specifically designed to run on Microsoft Server merely. Another disadvantage of ASP is that it puts extra work on the waiters, and hapless written codification can significantly impact public presentation of the waiter. The mistake messages that are produced from wrong coding are sometimes hard to read. Finally, it is more expensive to keep Microsoft Server because it requires much more resources compared to PHP. Like any Microsoft merchandises, ASP requires a big sum of resources and hardware.


Both linguistic communications have their ain advantages and disadvantages specific to users. PHP is preferred by many coders and developers because of its simple characteristics and relaxation to utilize in comparing to ASP. PHP is known to be more dependable than ASP since PHP requires few resources and hardware to work decently. Unlike PHP, ASP is non an unfastened beginning linguistic communication which makes it hard for anyone to modify or do betterments. Any alterations, updates or betterments to ASP scripting linguistic communication can merely be made by Microsoft employees. You can easy happen 1000s of PHP books available for free to download for Linux. Unfortunately, that is non the instance for ASP.

It wholly depends on the nature of the operating system on what sort of scripting linguistic communication should be used to make dynamic web sites. PHP has higher advantage over ASP when we break down the comparing to platform compatibility. Because of its flexibleness, PHP besides offers web development solution by linking to assorted popular databases such as MySQL. In decision, PHP offers much more characteristics than ASP at no cost which makes it a good pick for novitiate coders.

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