Photography & Media Essay

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Photography & Media

The world is changing and it has changed a great deal in the past few years. Media has been the most powerful tool; it has been used in many different ways and mostly to propagate the ideas of few on to the world. Media is used to mold people’s minds; and it proven that the one with the most effective media wins everything. There was a time when hairy chest and muscular body used to be the sign of manliness and masculinity, and the thin & hairless guys used to feel bad and left out from the crowd.

In the 80’s, this was a norm and sign of fashion to keep the top buttons of the shirt open and showoff the hairy chest to the ladies, this happened till the early 90’s. After that a new trend started to come in, it started to appear in TV channels and fashion magazines. Men with hairless, shaved or waxed bodies, this wasn’t it, and they had soft feminine looks and had thin beach bodies and were regarded as cute & sexy boys. At first this wasn’t taken seriously, and it was made fun around the world and girls and guys didn’t opt for it.

But after sometime, they started to fall for this so called new look. Now when a man shaves his body hair, he is faced with mixed reactions, most f the girls are happy with him, they feel it’s clean and sexy. But most of the guys will ask him why he did that, and it’s gay to do it and all this, and women who like hairy men are regarded as ‘old fashioned. ’ In ancient historic paintings and sculptures of both Greece and Rome, men were portrayed without chest hair; this was the sign that when man wanted to portray himself as perfect he painted or sculptured himself without body hair.

Sports stars like David Beckham have grown from sports icons to a world wide celebrity, with paparazzi running after them, capturing their every move, on the celluloid. Where they went? Where they shopped? Who they met? And even how they met? In Nov 2008 Beckham’s went to Tom Cruise’s house on thanksgiving, and stayed at his place, later they went to see a performance of Katie Holmes in Broadway, called “All my sons. ” Photographers went wild when they saw all these celebrities together outside the arena.

To keep themselves in the spotlight, celebrities most of the times compete for the best dress, designed by the top designers, for the attention on the red carpet. Not only that, they compete for, who’s got the best hairstyle. Victoria Beckham won a poll conducted by the website, www. thehairstyler. com, to gain the title of the ultimate celebrity hairstyle. She was also awarded with a title of UK’s most Yummy Mummy, through a survey conducted by a baby food company called “Avent”. Title was on the basis of who is most seen with their kids, who takes care of them well and most of all who looks sexy.

Now by seeing this entire fan following, and how she has become an ideal for people around the world, she has decided to open her own fashion line. The Beckhams know they have become the Ultimate Celebrity couple and they should cash on it as much as they can. By endorsing products like Pepsi and posing for fashion photography, and sports fashion photography which has become a separate category of its own. Recently an event organized by V&A, included upcoming and renowned UK’s creative fashion and graphic designers. The theme was Fashion V Sports, which was basically a Fusion of contemporary fashion and global sportswear brands.

In 2007, Steven Klein, a very famous photographer who has previously done photo shoots of Madonna and Brad Pit, did a photo shoot of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham for an issue of W Magazine. They both were given a smooth sexy look in the photos. David had all these tattoos on him, from his shoulder to writs and at his back on to the neck. The complex representation of males, if you observe closely has been a very weird one and if you compare with the fashion which is seen around the media, it will look very upbeat and very fresh and very closely linked together with what’s going on around.

Beckham is most of the time referred to as the icon for the gay community; it is only because of the wrong representation of males which is portrayed in the media, it is in a very similar way to women are depicted now a days. This is solely because the media’s representation of a male body has changed in the past few decades and it has slowly affected everybody’s mindset. Bibliography • Fashion V Sports. Retrieved December 19, 2008, from V&A Web site: http://www. vam. ac. uk/microsites/fashion-v-sport/events. php • (2007,July 15). The Beckhams Delivered By Steven Klein. Retrieved December 19, 2008, from Pat Law Web site: http://patlaw.

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