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Essay on Photography

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W.J.T. Mitchell Photographic

This mean that the photo and the text need to tell the same story. They need to be from the same perspective, hence the “return” from “exile”. Mitchell’s essay (although very hard to understand in many ways) is very clear about one thing, a photographic essay is not a novel, lyric or narrative. A photographic essay is the use of words and photos that both contain language and the hope i...

Summary Response paper

He told Snyder her photo was “unprofessional.” Although, the photo was taken after-hours and at an off-campus party while being of age, she still was denied her teaching degree from for setting a bad example for her peers at the high school and for the younger generation in general. Many instances have occurred to others while posting online. 16-year-old British girl complained on Facebook abo...

Raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima

The flag-raising party made it to the top without incident, and Rosenthal caught the famous image, quite hastily, as he had been distracted moments before the famous event. His original caption: "Atop 550-foot Suribachi Yama, the volcano at the southwest tip of Iwo Jima, Marines of the Second Battalion, 28th Regiment, Fifth Division, hoist the Stars and Stripes, signaling the capture of this key p...

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Shoe Horn Sonata: Distinctively Visual

Gallipoli includes many images and symbolic ideas which hold a deeper meaning, just like the Shoe-Horn the symbol of running appears from the beginning to the end. This repeated running motif links Archie’s and Frank’s journey together. It is how they meet, and how their ‘journey’ ends. The spirit of the running changes; it starts as a friendly rivalry and ‘game’ in the minds of these ...

Bruce Davidson

The young male and female both embrace each other through feelings and emotions, love and passion, and bonding while Davidson uses color contrasting to help bring out the focal point of the photograph, the young interracial couple. All while the events are taking place in the backdrop and the two persons showing affection with a ring on the female’s finger, they all exemplify what Davidson conve...

Alberto Korda

Every one of Alberto Korda’s photographs of the revolution was symbols of the revolution. He wanted to help complete the goals that were thought to be what the revolution was about. He dedicated his life to Fidel Castro as an official photographer, a friend, and a personal photographer. Korda did not get paid to be Fidel’s photographer. Korda more recently spoke in Havana and said, “Life may...

James Wong Howe

“Success,” for Asian Americans at least, does not readily dictate the ethnic person's cultural identity. This was what Frank Chin realized when he interviewed an award-winning Chinese American cinematographer and director: “From greeting us in the oldest homeliest Sze Yup Cantonese I'd heard since Chinatown old James Wong Howe was a Chinaman. He took us out for Chinese food and ordered for e...

The Hunger in Sudan Photo Project

This photo can be viewed from several perspectives. Of course, the photographer could help the girl, could take her to the camp, but did not do it. But the real problem has much more serious reasons. This is a social and even a philosophical photograph, it shows a transitional moment between life and death, and the chances are not equal here. Moreover, this is the approaching death of a child, and...

Photographic Images

Descartes believed that there are two relative substances, whereas Spinoza believed that there is one substance with an infinite number of attributes independent, and untouched by one another of which are the mind and the body. They are found everywhere, therefore, wherever there is matter, there is mind and vice-versa. Spinoza holds that they are different from each other so the physical cannot b...

Photo Processing And Printing

Photographic processing labs produce a variety of chemical wastes. One of the main concerning chemicals are silver compounds like silver "halide" compounds used in photography. It is hazardous because of its toxic effect on the environment, in addition to accumulating in the solid by-products from wastewater treatment plants which may potentially limits recycling it. Silver (D011 in Toxicity Chara...

Annotated Bibliography for Lomography Research

Mitchell, W. J. T. Picture theory: Essays on Verbal and Visual Representation. Chicago: U of Chicago Press, 1994. This book by one of America's leading theorists of visual representation offers a rich account of the interplay between the visible and the readable across culture, from literature to visual art to the mass media. This book will be helpful when it com...

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