Photo Booth and Catering Services Essay

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Photo Booth and Catering Services

Background of the study

There are many kinds of system for reservations and online negotiation. So we are creating a system that can manage those Reservations and Negotiation specifically for our business the Photo Booth, Photo Services, Balloon Arts and Catering Services. We are creating this for the convenience of our customers and for those who are interested in availing our offers and services, so now even in the comfort of their own houses they can now do that. And this can make our business wide spread because of the broad coverage of Internet and Online business these days. We created an online shop so that even those people who are tight with their budgets and cannot afford to go to our place to talk to us, and who are busy with more important things or preparations. They can contact or negotiate with us easier to online services.

Statement of the Problem

Developing a system for online reservation for Party needs in catering
General problem
What will be included the system for reservations.
Specific problem
The system aims to:
1. To make reservation easier:
-The good thing about online reservation is to make reservation just a click away even if you’re home or doing something more important, and for those who really don’t have the time to go directly to your office for their reservation maybe because of the distance and the tight budget.

2. To give ACCESS to everyone:

-This Online reservation also aims to give access to everyone who were interested in making reservation for their party needs (fits to people who are active Online). 3. To allow several reservations in one time:

-because there are celebrations that are being held at the same date and the same time so customers can now see which date is available and which dates are reserved even in the comfort of their home.

Objectives of the study

General Objectives
The general objective of our system is to create a broad bond between us and the customers online who are interested in availing or reserving our items. And It’s a Win – Win process, we win because we gain profit, and they win because of the good services we offer them.

Specific Objectives

Specifically our project aims to create a systemized online reservation for our customers and users that are having a hard time to fit their budget for their party and their party needs, because we are offering our photo booth, balloon arts and catering services online at a very affordable price.

System Plus College Foundation – Angeles Branch
Online Reservation for Photo Booth and Catering
An online reservation for photo booth and catering presented to System Plus College Foundation – Angeles Branch
In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Associate in Computer Science in
System Analysis and Design

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