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Photo Analysis – Scissor Sisters Essay

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The Scissor Sisters are a band of five formed in America in 2001, who incorporate pop, dance and glam rock genres to their music style.

To start off, the photo uses very vibrant lights in the background. This implies that they are lively and energetic. The warm colours like red, orange and pink connotes that they have energy and imagination, whereas colours like blue and green propose fecundity and positivism. These vibrant lights all contrast each other which make the photo stand out effectively, and behind the colours is complete black which increases the contrast, therefore increasing the effectiveness. This shows that they are not all about happiness and positivism, but they have an element of sophistication and technicality.

The appearance of the band is indeed very trendy. The fashion in their costumes and the colours is incredibly distinctive. Despite the majority of the band are male, the dress sense is moderately feminine. This is to emphasize their homosexuality, and also says that they are very confident with their sexuality and have no discomfiture for who they are. The clothes they wear are also designed to blend into the background of flashing lights. A pair of casual jeans and a shirt would contradict with the background.

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The hair styles of the band members are quite ordinary. Obviously their hair has been prepared for the photo, but is nothing special in this picture. However, this puts forward that they like the natural look and that they don’t need ostentatious hair to grab attention; they can show off their fashion through their flamboyant clothing.

The camera technique integrated in the photo is a long shot. This has been used so that the band is dominant in the picture because they take up the whole frame. It also helps the band merge into their surroundings. The camera angle used is a straight on angle to make the audience feel equal with the band, therefore discouraging the audience to judge them. It also provides an effect where the audience feels if they are in front of them and in the studio.

The final point to be analysed is their composition. They are in a group together, but as the band is made up of an odd number, five, there will always be one centre person comprising slightly more value of superiority than the other members. In this photo Jake Shears is positioned in the centre of the shot because he is the lead singer, and generally the most well known and recognized member of the band. His dominance in the photo is extended because Paddy Boom (centre left) and Ana Matronic (centre right) are resting their arms on his shoulders, which gives the idea that they really respect him. Jake Shears himself further extends his importance with his body language and gestures.

His head is looking up, his arms are sat on his hips, and his legs are open; he’s opening up his whole body to the audience with nothing to hide. This suggests he is a very confident character with no doubts about himself. This relates back to the idea of that he’s not ashamed of his sexuality. Ana Matronic and Del Marquis (right) are also both very confident as shown by their open body, but they both obviously take a less important roll in the band to Jake Shears because they are not positioned in the middle.

Paddy Boom and Babydaddy (left) show slightly less poise than the others. Babydaddy is stood slightly to the side and not opening up like the others, maybe because of less assurance of his sexuality, and Paddy Boom is stood almost behind Jake Shears; again, because of his lack of confidence than the others and quite shy about his sexuality, however all apart from Jake engage eye contact with the audience suggesting that they want to make an intimate link with the viewer. The eye contact isn’t very serious; it is a moderately composed engagement with the audience implying they are not an aggressive, threatening band, but they are cool and relaxed.

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