Phones a Blessing or a Curse Essay

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Phones a Blessing or a Curse

Technology plays a significant role in our daily lives; technology has without a doubt, made our lives very easy for us. Technology, along with its unlimited advantages also has a lot of disadvantages. Technology is a gift to ourselves so that we can live our lives more comfortably but many people tend to abuse this gift for their own pleasure or personal gain. Cell Phone is one such device that has made our life so easy that we cannot even think of a world without it. This electronic device has multiple uses and functions. It has become an important part and parcel of our life. Without cell phones we usually feel incomplete. Trendy and stylish cell phones have become a part of fashion now days. It has now become a multi-utility device, and not just remain a communication device.

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Uses of cell phones:

• Mobile phones are the most convenient and fastest means of communication. You can call anyone from anywhere and anytime. • It is a great source of entertainment also. We can play games, listen to music, talk to your friends, send messages, and so on when we get bored. • It can be used for capturing and storing important information. • It can function as a radio. We can listen to music while driving and traveling. • Mobiles can replace watches to check the time and alarm clocks that wakes us up. • Our voice can also be recorded in our mobiles.

• It can be used as a torch when the light goes.
• Mobiles with cameras are used to take photos and making videos. We can also freeze our memorable moments.
• Mobiles also have calendars to check days and dates.
• We can download our favorite songs, wallpapers, ring tones, and movies in our mobile.
• If we lost the way, we can use our mobile and call for help.
• Use mobile phones in place of paper and pen. This saves paper, which in turn saves trees.
• Mobile phones having the facility of calculator help to do mental calculations.

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