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Phoenix Advertising

It has been brought to my attention recently that the Roanoke branch office has recently experiencing many difficulties. The problem began after two of the top management people left the agency-an art director and an account executive. In addition, three of the graphic designers and four of the copywriters are threatening to quit because they feel their work is being rejected. These issues demand immediate attention. Our mission here at Phoenix Advertising is to bring quality and promised assurance to all of our clients. With that being said we need to follow through with our mission statement and resolve this issue quickly.

The Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising has some of our most valuable clients and it is our duty, as an executive team, to gather particular pieces of information to help resolve the conflicts and miscommunications among employees. Therefore, I will need your help in contacting that staff at Roanoke in order to deal with the dissatisfaction that exists among them, and to confirm that the branch is compensating workers for their overtime.

I am requesting Lisa Brown to contact the creative team at the Roanoke branch to investigate the reasons for rejection of creative work by the new management team. Susan Moore, I need you to review the new clients the branch has recently hired, and determine their capability. Lastly, I need Bryan Willis to develop a method that will provide some kind of solution to the staff working overtime. A report explaining what you found out and your new procedures is expected in my office no later than August 2, 2014.

After I review each report individually, I will arrange a meeting on August 4, 2014 to review that status of the Roanoke branch. I am sure we can resolve all of the issues and ensure the success of the Roanoke branch, if we all work together on this. Thanks for your cooperation during this stressful time.

Executive Team
Gregory S. Forest, President;
Adrienne Landall, Chief Executive;
Cullen Bowman, Chairman;
Juliana Huff, President of Human Resources;
Susan Moore, Managing Director;
Bryan Willis, Planning Director;
Lisa Brown, Creative Director

Subject: Payroll Statements and Policies

Dear Larry,

As you know from our meeting on August 4, 2014, in attempt to increase revenues, the Roanoke branch is accepting new clients without evaluating the effects of the new accounts on the current project workload. As a result, many of our employees on salary are being required to work longer hours without notice or compensation. This has resulted in the staffing issues and employee morale and productivity to decline day by day. It is important that I communicate effectively and efficiently with the salaried employees and the hourly waged staff to guarantee the success of the company. I need to verify that the managers are using their resources to accommodate the employees during this period of work overload. I need you to provide me with payroll statements from the Roanoke branch for the last 12 months. Larry, I also need you to provide a summary of the agency policies and the branch policies regarding overtime and compensation/benefit packages.

I need to see you in my office by 6 pm today with all of the reports you have gathered. Please understand the extreme importance of this request. Feel free to include Sarah and Christopher to the project. We are a team and each branch’s success is vital to the overall success of the entire company.

Tomorrow I plan on reviewing the documents you have gathered for me. After I review all the documents, I will write the manager at Roanoke, explaining how to proceed with his staff to solve the issues mentioned. With that being said, I want to briefly meet with you and Juliana in the morning at 9 am in my office. I know this is a stressful time, but I am positive this situation will be solved, as long as, we act professionally and proficiently.

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