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Phobias Definition Essay

Essay Topic:

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When people see the words one and direction together, they either have a mini heart attack due to extreme excitement or they simply disregard the subject. I am the mini heart attack type; therefore, I have done my research on the infamous band. While doing this, I found an interesting fun fact. Liam Payne, the One Direction middleman, is petrified of spoons, yes the eating utensils. He claims to not have a reason as to why, but according to psychology and logic, there has to be some kind of an origin, some kind of association made to spoons.

So whether you are the mini heart attack type or the disregarder, strike up your psychoanalytical minds with the explanations I have theorized. Here is what I have come up with: * When Liam Payne was a child, he had an unfortunate event involving a spoon. When I was a kid, I was washing the dishes and there was a massive knife in the sink.

I couldn’t see the dishes because the water was bubbly, so I had no perception as to where the knife was.

When I put my hands in to grab a dish, I just happened to slice my hand open with the huge knife. Ever since then, whenever I see a knife or my mom wants me to cut something with one, I subconsciously associate whatever knife she is displaying for me to cut to that incident so long ago; therefore, I do not use them, at all. (It’s a really good way to get out of washing dishes, by the way.) Anyways, I believe that Liam had one of these scary situations with a spoon and now has a phobia. * Genetics. Yes, there are genetic factors associated with phobias.

A good amount of people with phobias have relatives with similar phobias or symptoms such as fears and a tendency to avoid certain circumstances. My sister-in-law, Edith, is afraid of cockroaches, just like her mother and now, her younger sister. Perhaps, one of Liam Payne’s relatives has a similar phobia. * Everybody uses spoons in Britain. Daring to be different? Liam Payne isn’t incredibly different from other people but maybe, in this situation, he wanted to go against the current. Liam is British.

A very stereotypical assumption about British people is that they drink a lot of tea; therefore, they use spoons a lot. It is also stereotypical to say that they tend to eat scones; scones are also eaten with a spoon. Some people just like to rebel against their culture! Although the word phobia literally means “irrational fear”, I believe one of these theories is correct. I don’t have the materials to prove this but one day, the truth will set me free and I will know the rational reason of Liam Payne’s silly terror of spoons. Louis Tomlinson, the oldest member of One Direction apparently likes ladies that eat carrots. Maybe it’s just an odd, irrational band.

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