PHL 2560 Reasoning Exercise #4 Essay

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PHL 2560 Reasoning Exercise #4

1.What specific techniques were used to bring about the destruction of self-awareness among the prisoners?

The prison camp used social alienation techniques to bring about the destruction of self-awareness among the prisoners. They treated each prisoner like animals and did not acknowledge them as human beings. The ability to cater to basic human functions as we do was taken away. This degradation broke the prisoners down and stripped them of their personal traits. This kind of treatment worked well in a group-style setting with other prisoners experiencing the same type of torture.

2.What opposite processes could be used to create the reverse process, that is, a strengthening of the self-concept?

By empowering the unique individual traits we all possess, we in turn strengthen the self-concept. Encourage people to put their best work out there and recognizing individual strengths that make a strong team nearly unstoppable. All of those things make the self-concept crystal clear.

3. Assume that you are charged with the orientation of a cohort of new managers in your organization. How would you help them understand their own strengths and inclinations and how they could best contribute to the firm?

My overall goal would be to show them that “teams work” based on diverse traits and talents. An important first step would be to help the group identify the strengths and talents each individual holds, and also show that one person’s strength may not be present in another. That’s why working together is not only vital for personal success and growth, but benefits the company as a whole.

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