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Philosophy Questions and Answers

Question 1

What makes human truly human?


There is always a frustration between the term human and person, but they do not mean the same thing. A human is a biological term and thus mean having human DNA, while person is a moral term.

But what makes human, truly human how could we tell that we achieve humanness?

Body. Paragraph

Human means having biological Human DNA, concrete body a tangible proof of existence, special features. Starting from the offspring of our parents, life begun we are loved and cared.

We become a part of a society and we experience things we grow and learn we also have the ability to think and dig deep on various topics. As a human, we are conscious to ourselves and on our environment.

For me this is the essence of being a human.


What really makes a human human is his consciousness and senses that ables him to act and live like a human.

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Question 2

How can we philosophize in the world full of Mocha Uson?


To philosophize is to talk or discuss our thoughts, notions and opinions about some issues in a serious manner.

But how can we philosophize in a world full of Mocha Uson, are we able to philosophize things without being affected with people like her in our society.

Body. Paragraph-1

By the means of our own understanding, we can moralize each of our own ideals. If we were to put better understanding and further our own focus on our pompous principles, we cannot be deprived and confused of other’s influences and impacts.

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As long as we know in ourselves that we are doing the right thing, we are taking responsibility of right principles, we stand for what we know is right, we can never be affected of the “Mocha Uson’s in the world.


We as humans have our individual minds and perspective, thoughts and opinions and we should not get affected by irrelevant person or ideas that could mess up our own stands and notions.

Question 3

How do I know that I exist?


Existence is somehow a thing that is totally obvious, from the tangible proof that I am alive, the senses I have, we could always tell that we are real and existing.

But how do we really know that we exist and real.

Body. Paragraph 1

Cogito, Ergo Sum, a philosophical proposition by Rene Descartes, that means “I think therefore I am,

Body. Paragraph 2

From the tangible proof, our body down to our senses we knew that we are real and existing. We have features that permit us to know that we are alive. Our mind tells us we are here moving and existing and as long as we serve our purpose as a person we could say that we exist.

Our Physical features obviously are also a factor that proves that we exist.


To tell that we exist is easy but to prove it to ourselves I need to admit it is complicated.

Question 4

Dare we risk being honest in a culture that resists new ideas?


Resistance to listen about the truth and reality, it is one of the reason of an un progressive country or society. The society pretends to be deaf to the ideas and complains of the others and remains in denial to the current situation of the environment and because of this a lot of people don’t want to speak up anymore about their own thoughts and ideas.

b) I would dare to be honest in a culture that is against new ideas, because

Body. Paragraph 1

  • Lately In the case of the country, the Government is being denial to the transport crisis that is happening. Just like this a lot of new potential innovating ideas are being neglected and that so, the problems getting longer .
  • As a commuter, I know that transport crisis is really happening and existing. Most of the Filipinos are commuters and what their going through is not a joke nor an imagination.
  • Their suffering was disregarded because of being blinded of their idea that there is no existing problem, and if we do not impose to talk and refuse to accept the new ideas and remain pretending to be deaf, our suffering will continue.


  • The country’s s condition in different aspects, relates from the idea of being honest in a culture and society that refuse to accept honest thoughts or ideas.
  • If we remain silent and mute to our ideas there will be no change to happen.

Question 5

Is there a place for miracles in the secular world?


  • Secular world, the separation of the Church and State. Both have different beliefs and conditions that are against each other. Is there a place for miracle in the secular world?
  • There is no way that the Church and state could probably have miracle because If they do not openly accept changes and notions of each other it would be difficult for them to attain oneness.

Body. Paragraph 1

  • It is possible to have a miracle here in the secular world if we are open to some changes and not focus on all religious beliefs only.
  • Abortion for example is a common topic where the Church and state do have different notions.
  • In this case that all the notions and opinions of them are against each other they would never have the chance of being one.

Body. Paragraph 2

  • The LGBTQ community’s condition, is also a topic in which the state and church always differ.
  • Here in the Philippines, the Catholic Church prohibits marriage, sexual acitivities between the members of same sex.
  • Their notions and opinions clashes about the idea of homosexuality.


  • It is really absurd to think about the Church and State being one because on the current situation of the Philippines.
  • Notions and Opinions should be always analysed and evaluated before validation, the world is changing and the unstoppable innovation and modernizing world is irresistible and if we are unable to understand, accept and change the unity of the Church and state would be forever no-win.

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