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Philosophy of Teaching Essay

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I consider my ultimate strength that I bring to the classroom is the desire and eagerness that I have for teaching children. A dynamic part of being a teacher is to motivate the students to know that the skills and information they are learning is worth learning and are valuable lessons to be used in the future. If I can convince the children that the material is enjoyable, powerful, and beneficial then they will want to make the effort to learn.

I make it a significance priority to convey drive and enthusiasm to the classroom. It is difficult to learn if you are uninterested and almost not difficult to learn if the learning method is enjoyable and appealing. Additionally it is imperative for the students to appreciate why they are learning and what the importance of learning is. My objectives for teaching in the classroom are limited but crucial ones. I want my students to learn the materials taught in an extensive, everlasting way.

I want them to apply the thoughts of these ideas to all subject material taught.

I will use the means that I have learned and continue to learn to get the maximum learning potential of my students as a whole. Secondly, I inspire to transform lives so that they determine life paths that have not ever been reflected on before. Reassurance is important and I aim to be their biggest fan. Thirdly, I want to reinvent the practice of teaching. Often teaching is regarded as an art, an uqualifiable expertise, to be practiced and understood by each new generation of teachers. By familiarizing new concepts and practices the doors are exposed to tangible advancement to permit us to learn new and more effective ways of using classroom time, so that the succeeding generation of teachers can be sincerely better and more effective in teaching then even we are today in the world of modernisms and increased use of technology.

I don’t always know the greatest ways to teach but I am willing to try different approaches until I reach a place where I know what I am doing will effect upcoming generations of students and educators. Lastly, and most selfishly I want to have an exciting journey and make the classroom a fun and exciting place to learn. I delight in the opportunity of getting to know my students and their families and develop strong lasting relationships that can be seen years down the road. There are great joys of becoming a teacher and knowing that you impact lives each and every day. Our students learn when they are energetically figuring things out, trying to teach themselves, not inactively wandering through busy work and handouts, expecting to be taught. I design my lesson plans and classroom material not around what I do but what the students will do. I let them take command of their own education and to teach them as much as imaginable about the realm around us.

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