Philosophy of Man Essay

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Philosophy of Man

Death is a typically human event, not just a biological occurrence. It is a separating of body and soul, but it is not just the body that dies, it is the whole man. It is difficult to talk of the very moment of death, since some people who had been there, did not talk of their experience. There are some written accounts of such experiences and from these we get glimpses of the next life. [Corazon Cruz]

Philosophy of man is the study of man and its philosophy in life that is subdivided into many branches such us ethics, metaphysics natural philosophy etc. PHILOSOPHY came from the Greek word PHILO meaning Love and SOPHIA meaning wisdom, French believe that PHILO means friendship rather than Love cause they believe that Love is a state of confusion, mallicious intentions mixed up w/ pure intention (attraction/physical aspect). Why does people who answers his/her superior called PILOSOPO? Before, when the Spaniards holds the Europe, some philosophers fight back by the used of printing adds, they fight w/ the used of there mind (APOCALYPS).

In Philippines. Before, DR. Jose Rizal fight the Spaniards by writing things that is against to the Spaniards. Before the only people who are smart and brave enough to fight and write against the Spaniards are the Philosophers. Dr. Jose Rizal is a graduate of PHILOSOPHY in the Ateneo university Phil. and the only batch that has the same GGP or same grades which is 1.0 or a perfect average. Rizal study Philosophy because its a good start in grasping his wants, that is to be a Lawyer, but something happened, her mother suffer from an illness and needs to be cured. So Dr. Rizal then give up being a Lawyer and he began to study Medicine for him to cure his Mother’s illness.

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