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Philosophy of life Essay

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There are really good arguments on both sides if I am free or determined in writing this essay. Baron Holbach says that human actions, like everything in nature are determined by a mechanical systematic nature. But on the other side according to Jean- Paul Sartre argument insists that humans are free agents and therefore we are responsible for everything we do. Holbachs argument does touches ethics twice and makes one ethical claim that the start, asserting that one of the main reasons why most humans are of the opinion that they are free is because of religion.

If man is to be judged by god because of his actions, it would be irrelevant to believe that no one had no control over them. If human actions are determined we lose the right to punish them for those actions. He defines the will as “A modification of the brain, by which it is disposed to action, or prepared to give play to organs (Holbach).

Also according to Holbach actions that are taken by humans “are the result of the impulse he receives either from the motive, from the object, or from the idea which has modified the brain, or disposed his will. When someone does not act according to the impulse it is because there is a new cause and new motives, or new ideas which changes the brain and gives it new impulses and determines the will in a another way. With Sartre argument she believes Freedom is existence and in its existence precedes essence meaning that we can do whatever we want and how we act in life determines our apparent qualities.
Freedom is important and unique which defines us as humans and she rejects determinism. I think I am free in writing this paper and don’t really have to because it is not like a law or something I HAVE to do. But if I do not do it determines my responsibility and since responsibility is something important according to Sartre no doing this paper would make me irresponsible. There isn’t much to lose if don’t do this paper just that I will get a bad grade and my overall grade will lower making it even harder for myself to get an A average at the end of this course.
Failing to get an A average may cause for GPA drop and lower chance of getting into a four year institution. I am my choices and I cannot not choose. If I do not choose, that is still a choice. Since freedom precedes essence we can do what we want and act however in life but if those acts were bad choices it will come with certain consequences and there again we have to choose what we want to do because not choosing is not a choice.

We transform the past determining tendencies through our choices. Everyone has different choices or acts and a brave person is someone who always acts brave. Each act we do define us as who we are. There is always a possibility to change and to start making different types of choices. Therefore I choose to do this essay because I want to make my A average in this class and want a successfully career/Career. Making the right choices is important because bad choices can harm someone and it could be difficult to recover.

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