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Philosophy of Gender Essay

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  1. Some people aspire for successful lives, but I think success is overrated. What I’m trying to do is living my life according to what I think is right. This means learning not only inside the classroom, but also outside. This is because I believe that education inside the classroom is very limited, which is why we should take the initiative to control our education.

            So I start my day by having breakfast. I also read the paper while eating. One must still be aware of the current political and social issues; we must never be isolated from society.

These are the people’s issues, so we must not be isolated from what they are engaged in. We are working for a better society not for ourselves, but also for other people and the next generation, so we must be integrated with their issues.

            After breakfast, I go to school. In school, aside from attending class, I talk to the personnel.

I ask their opinion on issues. I ask how their lives are. Through this way, I get a perspective on how they think. It is very interesting because they are usually very outspoken. Sometimes, I learn so much more from them than the textbooks they make us read in class.

            After class, I sometimes do volunteer work. I treat this as my “other class.” It supplements what I learn in class, and sometimes I get to apply what I learned inside the classroom as well. This class teaches me a lot, from relating with other people to critical thinking. Then I go home. I eat, study, then read. I may not have a lot of stuff, but I do have a lot of books.  I love reading. This opens my mind to a lot of possibilities, as well as solutions. I also love reading about great odds being surpassed by ordinary people.

            For a democracy to work, I think the citizens should be proactive people. For this to happen, they have to be trained even while in school. And this would entail letting them take control of their education, planning their own curriculum, carrying out their own lesson plan.

  1. When one speaks of a rational state of consciousness, one is talking of the state when one’s mind is consciously doing something, like crossing the street. This kind of state requires one’s full attention. When one speaks of non-rational consciousness, it is when one’s mind is engaging in an activity that one’s mind can do subconsciously; its whole attention is not on the activity. Habits and learned behavior fall under this state. An example would be tapping one’s foot. And when one talks of the irrational state, it is the state of being unconscious, such as sleeping deeply. When in this state, one is unaware of what is happening.
  1. Have you had your heart broken? I have, once. I loved her, but she left me. Maybe she thought the world is a better companion. I do not know. It has been years.

            Her name was Lilith. She was a remarkable being, all magic and desire. She had hair that was like waterfalls cascading down to earth; fluid, wild, breath-taking, hypnotizing. Her body was like the hills and mountains of the earth, curvaceous and fertile. She also provided the  intellectual stimulation that I needed. In my youth, I was too arrogant and stubborn to see that.

            I had asked Father for a mate. I was lonely, and I had no one to share my experiences of naming and taking care of the creatures Father put under my care. I also wanted someone who would complement my efforts of organizing the whole of Creation, listening intently, while serving me a delicious meal. So I told the Father how lonely I was.

            He made a mate, and called it woman. I accepted her, and we lived together. I thought we were going to be happy together forever in paradise. I made her wait on me, serve me, obey me. I wanted her to only wander when I was with her. I wanted her to do all the domestic duties, because I was busy managing the Garden of Eden.

            We got along sometimes. Lilith, skilled with words, would contribute to my summary of what I did during the day, pointing out which names fitted the creature exactly. I thankfully used her suggestions, being inept with words, having been alone for some time. But mostly we fought day and night. We had different views on most things. She wanted to talk about how we feel; I could not successfully keep up with her analysis on why she is annoyed when the sheep just leaves its droppings lying around.

She wanted to do things on her own; she could not understand that I was afraid of losing her, which is why I do not want her wandering off. She wanted the privilege of naming and managing the creatures in Creation; I could not make her understand that this was a job given to me, and she should try other activities in the Garden. She talked of how Eden could be made better; I would rather focus on the conditions now.

            So we fought. She would not do the things I told her were her duties as my wife. She said she wanted to do other things. She could not understand that her declining means undermining my authority. I know I should not have shouted at her and pulled her hair, but she made me angry. So when she left, I did not go looking for her. We have had disputes before, and though it is unlike her to not talk the problem over, I decided to pay no heed.

            But then, days after, she has not yet returned. So I told the Father of my concern. He sent messengers to her, but she would not yield. She would not come back to Eden, to me.

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