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Philosophy Assignment

Philosophy Creative Assignment: Anticipating possible negative consequences or weaknesses of the proposed political system In the leadership of any political system, there will always be possible weaknesses. Therefore, it is necessary to anticipate these possible weaknesses or problems and try to correct them as much as possible. Concerning our proposed political system, which is aristocracy, several flaws or negative consequences may arise.

Firstly, the leaders are divorced from the society of Springfield and they may not know what the people of Springfield actually need. The leaders are given absolute authority in running the society because only rulers have been identified as competent rulers who have passed all tests and undergone relevant training. However, as these leaders make governmental policies, they may fail to take into consideration what the people really need, especially since the people of the other classes, the laborer and the warrior classes, cannot challenge these leaders’ administration.

To mitigate the negative effects of this problem, changes can be made to the proposed political system in the long term. A biannual meeting session between the leaders and selected people of the other classes can be introduced, whereby these people can raise their needs and concerns. That way, the leaders will know some, if not most or all of the major concerns and needs of the citizens of Springfield through the session, and this will go a long way in helping the leaders craft their governmental policies to address the needs of the citizens of Springfield.

Another possible negative consequence which may arise from the proposed political system is that there will be no upward social mobility for the people of Springfield. Due to aristocracy, the people will be grouped into either one of the three different classes, the rulers, the warriors and the laborers. Once the people are grouped into their respective classes, there is no way for these people to make a switch in their roles, and this means the warriors and laborers are unable to rise in status and income no matter what.

As these people will not enjoy any upward movement of the socio-economic ladder despite the effort they put into their jobs, unhappiness may become rife and many of the people who are reward-driven may produce slipshod work. All these will eventually lead to undesirable consequences, such as low productivity of the people. To tackle this possible negative consequence, the proposed political system (aristocracy) can be modified to allow people of the warrior and laborer classes to freely choose their roles and switch their roles, but with valid reasons (permanent injury to a warrior etc.).

This way, the people of Springfield will be more contented with their roles since the roles they choose would suit their preferences and needs. Thus, the possibility of unhappiness among the people is minimized and productivity of the people will be maintained or even increase. Furthermore, as society progresses, the people of Springfield would be happy and contented and would not hesitate to put in their utmost effort into their roles to ensure that Springfield continues to prosper in the future. Word count: 498 words.

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