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The existence of God is viewed in two debatable perspectives – either the Divine Almighty exists or He does not. It is almost impossible to dwell on revealing the right answer to resolve this matter as one is dealing with an abstract matter that goes beyond reason and the physical or concrete aspect of life and the universe. The first argument questions the existence of God because there is no tangible sign in reality that reveals that He does exist. The opposite argument argues that God exists because of the impossibility of the presence of a Divine Being despite his non-existence in physical terms.

This is supported by the virtue of faith and the belief that a greater power must be responsible for the existence of man and life. Perhaps asking about the existence of God is one of the most glorified questions that have not been answered since the beginning of time. This may not only be because of the fact that he does not encompass a physical entity, but also because God as an entity is beyond reason that people cannot even start to define who or what He is, what He is capable of doing, and such.

In order to present an argument regarding this matter, it is important to discuss points which will prove or rather rationalize God’s existence. God exists, but He will only dynamically exist if one believes in His true existence. Rationalizing the existence of God is similar to proving the existence of love. Love is an abstract feeling or emotion, like God Himself is a nonrepresentational entity which does not exist in physical terms. Love is the same. It is an abstract feeling or emotion which cannot be represented in tangible terms, however, people know what it is, if not believe in it. Love exists because people believe in it.

Love is felt and expressed, defining its meaning and significance, and framing it as a valid term or feeling because people can feel it allowing them to know it does exist. On the other hand, people who do not believe in love do not also believe it exists. I think this argument goes the same with the inquiry of the existence of God. God is a term or a word which represents a Divine Entity, while love is also a term or a word which represents an abstract feeling or emotion. However, their existence in reality is only confined in terms or words not unless people would believe they do exist and act upon their existence.

Therefore, God does not exist for people who do not have faith in His existence, who do not give meaning to who He is as the creator of man and the universe. Think about love and why people believe it exists. This is because people choose to believe in what they feel, although unexplainable and intangible. Love is expressed in so many ways, from touching, caring, helping, doing good and kind acts, etc. Since love is expressed, then it is felt consequentially; and since it is felt, then people believe it does exist. In terms of the existence of God, people can justify His existence then by acting on their faith.

This means worshipping him, praying to him, spreading His word, practicing or applying His commandments, and living in His righteousness. God becomes present in an individual’s life if he chooses to abide by Him and believe in what He has to offer for mankind. This means that although God exists by definition, He will continually exist in reality – that is in the lives of man and in everything they do – if people believe that He plays an important role in their lives and that He commands or directs man into living in the kind of life that He wants for His people.

The existence of God then is justified by faith. Moreover, God exists within the things that represent who He is as a Diety – and that is in goodness, in love, in hope, respect, trust, and graciousness. God’s existence perhaps is the most difficult matter to argue given the diverse answers of people to this inquiry. However, one possible rationalization is faith in Him and all the things that people experience that is representative of God. That is man’s faith in God brings Him beyond the term or word labeled to Him, and that the faith of man leads Him to act on it by doing things to acknowledge His existence.

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