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Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (747 words)
Categories: Emotion,Philosophy,Psychology,Truth
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I found this article really entertaining and found myself to mostly agree with the writer’s point of view. As humans, we have since forever been searching for the unseen, the supernatural and the beyond-death knowledge. The world is at a place where free thinking is encouraged more than it ever was and this has allowed for more people to dream into these unknowing yet intriguing concepts. It has been part of books and tales for most of history, and in more recent times there have also been some movies to look at this, one of my favorites is the movie Interstellar, which also explores more dimensions than what we currently know.

In my own life, I have many times thought and continually think about the ‘more to life’ as we know it. I grew up in a very religious home and had some experiences where I do believe there is more to life than merely what we see, yet I am continually fascinated by what this is, or rather what this could be.

This is why the movie Interstellar also played such a big part in my journey as they take the element of dimensions, and instead of allocating it to God, god, gods or whichever power we all identify with and made the creators of these dimensions ourselves, but in a distant future where we are no longer bound to what we are bound now. This resonated with me since I too believe we are the creators and makers of our lives, and if we put all of our united effort towards something, it is possible to achieve (Kornhaber, 2017).

Charles Simic

I want to start by saying I admire Charles Simic. His poems have the ability to reach across cultures, countries, and language to touch the soul of the person reading them. The thing I love about his poems is their ability to transcend between the living and the dead, as in objects. He can give life to an object, he can get us to relate to this object and then he allows for some unconventional truth to play out, usually sad or dark. I have many times thought to myself: Why would he use an imamate object, attach feelings and then reveal a hidden dark truth which directly connects to the reader. I find this way of writing so intriguing as it makes it hard to not finish his poems. One of the reasons I believe he does this is because it allows him to speak truth to a society where people do not like the truth when applied to them, but likes to see the truth when it is attached to something, they can distance themselves from (Drew, n.d.). I know in my life I have many times taken some lesson from his work, seen through the eyes of his perspective and then tried to apply what is ethically the right choice without doing it for the selfish reasons we so often do things. His work definitely has inspired me to think about life differently, to disconnect emotions from the reality in order to view it subjectively, as well as connect emotions to events that would not affect me, but now can since I applied what he does in writing poems to a situation in real life.


I personally do not think Bruno could kill his grandfather (Rayo, 2015). The main reason for this is that Bruno, at the time he went back to kill his grandfather, was still in the DNA of his grandfather. By this, I mean that his grandfather had the DNA in him, which was then born into his children, and then born into their children, who was then named Bruno. This means that Bruno, at the time of his grandfather being young, was still part of his grandfather, even though he came back as his own representation of his grandfather’s DNA passed down over two generations. Now for my DNA to kill me is not possible, sickness and other things can, but my whole DNA is structured to give me life, not take it. So even though Bruno came back as his own entity, no action he took would have been able to cause his grandfather to die, as the moment his grandfather dies, so would he since they are still one in the time, he finds himself in. Now if there is no Bruno to kill his grandfather, then his grandfather cannot die from Bruno’s actions.

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