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Essay on Philosophical concepts

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Fate or Free will Romeo and Juliet

Throughout Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the characters’ own impetuous and brash choices, not fate, bring about the deaths. Characters repeatedly used fate as an excuse by saying the series of events were completely out of their control. In contrast, everything could have been avoided if the characters just decided to think rationally. By having them blame fate, Shakespeare is asserting tha...

The Fate of a Hero: Ironman The Modern Hero

The story of Tony Stark as Iron man is one of a true modern hero that closely follows the stages of Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Campbell was able to basically summarize the movie of Ironman decades before the script was even written; therefor Ironman is just as much as a hero as the old tales of Odysseus or Hercules. Ironman set out on a journey, achieved his goals and returned ho...

The Role of Fate in Oedipus Rex

Unless I was to suffer a strange destiny.”  In the play, Sophocles has cast the concept of fate in such a formidable and powerful role that the reader is compelled to wonder whether it was fate, more than any character flaw, which led to the hero’s tragic end. Dodds (1966) also reflects this thought in his paper “On Misunderstanding the Oedipus Rex” when he asserts that Oedipus had no rea...

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Anselm’s Ontological Argument in Philosophy

Necessary existences do not depend on any other thing for it to exist, as it is the greatest thing so it is not predisposed to anything else. On the other hand, contingent existences do depend on other things and also there was a time when they didn’t exist, like for example humans, who are a perfect example of a contingent being. However Anselm argued that god was a necessary being, and it cann...

Although “Romeo and Juliet” Was Written by William Shakespeare in About 1600, Its Themes of Fate and Death, Love and Hate Are Enduring Concerns for Us Today. Discuss.

For my mind misgives some consequence, yet hanging in the stars”(Act 1, scene 5, page 42) Here Romeo is scared and doesn’t feel as if he should go to the ball because he thinks there is an event destined by the stars that is going to happen that night. Similarly, today there are people who will base their decisions on how they feel and the consequences of that action. Almost every single perso...

Plato’s “The allegory of the Cave”

Both the leaders and the public are ignorant and corrupt, without true knowledge of themselves or the world, motivated by self-gratification. They are chained in slavery to ignorance and passions, to mob hysteria for or against fleeting issues, believing in the illusions, the shadows. We live in a time of loss of meaning, of crumbling values of truth and morality, of corruption in political life a...

Romeo and Juliet- Victims of Fate or Choice

Juliet’s lifeless body; he made the abrupt decision to kill his self. Juliet awakens shortly after to find Romeo dead and immediately decides to take her life in her own hands to be with him. “O happy dagger, / This is thy sheath,” (5.3.171) and she stabs herself to death. In conclusion; the couple both make a lot of quick decisions and clearly have bad judgment. They felt very strongly that...

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Though Rahat is excited to play with Western pop musicians and lay down tracks in state-of-the-art studios, he is ultimately most concerned with the art of qawwali and its mystically imbued message. As he states, "qawwali music is not only music, it is a message. It was created by Sufis, and when we compose and practice this music, it stays forever. Other music comes and goes, but qawwali never go...

Tripartite Theory of Knowledge

Although every theory of knowledge so far has solid counter examples, there is no doubt Gettier rocked the philosophical world when he successfully challenged the Tripartite Theory of Knowledge. Philosophers will continue to argue that Gettier's cases are not really cases of justified true belief or that Gettier's cases really are cases of knowledge after all. Perhaps the one thing all philosopher...

Dystopian Society in the Cyberpunk Novel Feed

This corporate control of communication leads the characters to live a superficial existence, where their main concerns are for the latest hairstyles and show no interest towards political events, which are hinted at throughout the book. The story is narrated by Titus, a teenager who meets Violet while celebrating Spring break on the Moon. During the exposition the reader learns that in this socie...

The Greatest Ethical Ideal in Philosophy

” The principle of utility, or the ‘greatest happiness’ principle, he declares “the basic foundation of morals: Actions are right in the proportion to their promotion of happiness, and wrong as they produce the reverse.” This truth can be very simple, but the potential demand is very harsh, which this is the principle of beneficence. That principle of beneficence: The greatest possible b...

New Directions in Planning Theory

In Her conclusion she defends the continued use of the just city mode and a modified form of the political-economy mode of analysis that underlies it, described below The three types of planning theory described in this essay all embrace a social reformist outlook. They represent a move from the purely critical perspective that characterized much theory in the seventies and eighties to one that on...

Fate vs free will

Even when Romeo and Juliet are getting married, foreshadowing makes an appearance. During the marriage Friar Lawrence says that great things can end quickly and that’s exactly what happens. Friar Lawrence was using foreshadowing to display how fate will come into a conflict with Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. This could indicate that something bad is about to happen to Romeo and Juliet. Shak...

Theme of fate in Romeo & Juliet - GCSE coursework

Establishing shots of a desert present Romeo as alone and vulnerable. In the tomb Romeo recognises that Juliet appears to still be living. “Thou art not conquered, beauty easing yet” his intelligence almost overcomes fate, which is personified here as powerful and violent force. Luhrmann presents Romeo as addressing fate, rather than Juliet. He looks at the sky, to the starts which are closely...

Fate vs Free will in Macbeth

This is shown in the visual representation through the presence of a witch – and Lady Macbeth. Quotes are included to provide an example of their pressure/influence on Macbeth. The thought of murder cannot be blamed on the witches, or Lady Macbeth, even though she encouraged it. It was Macbeth who first thought of murdering King Duncan, thus proving that the murder was as a result of his own fre...

Augustine's Philosophical Views Against Skepticism

Although the ideas of academic and total skepticism sought to disprove a need or even the logic behind philosophy, scholars such as St. Augustine attempted to prove that despite the fact that we do not have total knowledge in everything, we are not totally void of knowledge. The three refutations of Augustine serve to help us remember that just as there is an opposite to nearly everything, the con...

Confucianism vs Daoism in Chinease Philosophy

In conclusion it is important to note that, although these two religions have very different ideologies, they do work to create peace and serenity. They both do not believe in a God but in a higher power and promote becoming fully human to achieve that higher power. I find it interesting how different the concepts in these religions are but yet how people can acclimate themselves to being both Con...

Analysis of Jealousy and Envyness in Literature

So engrossed was she that she had no consciousness of being observed, and one emotion after another crept into her face like objects into a slowly developing picture. Her expression was curiously familiar- it was an expression I had often seen on women’s face’s, but on Myrtle Wilson’s face it seemed purposeless and inexplicable until I realized that her eyes, wide with jealous terror were no...

A priori and A posteriori Philosophical Concepts

In order to get a full understanding of the world around us we must apply both types of knowledge justification (in my opinion). So I have derived from this that a priori and a posteriori knowledge are completely different. Some people believe that a priori knowledge is impossible and a posteriori is the only true form of justifying knowledge whereas others fully stand by the use of a priori as a ...

Slumdog Millionaire Movie Rerview

Each chapter of his story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show's questions. Each chapter of Jamal's increasingly layered story reveals where he learned the answers to the show's seemingly impossible quizzes. But one question remains a mystery: what is this young man with no what so ever desire for riches really doing on the game show? When the new day dawns and Jamal returns to an...

Wisdom Comes Through Experience and Humour

Though ultimately decided by personal taste, the extent to which a person finds something humorous depends on a host of variables, including geographical location, culture, maturity, level of education,intelligence and context. For example, young children may favour slapsticksuch as Punch and Judy puppet shows or cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, whose purely physical nature makes it more accessible...

Philosophical Concepts of Act and Rule Utilitarianism

In conclusion I am dubious of the extent of Utilitarianism real importance when it comes to moral decision-making. Although it may appear to be faultless in theory, as has been shown when it comes to applying it in practice there are some quite considerable flaws. I feel one should always aim to create good and happiness and not pain, but I feel following the theory of Utilitarianism is not a suff...

The fate of Oedipus and Pentheus

The line "No, no, Mother! I am Pentheus" shows the in depth of request and pleadings that Pentheus does to his mother in order to not punish him with death. The words "i have done a wrong" tells us that he realizes his mistake and is pretty aware of the consequences of his actions and thus wants to some how escape from the terrible fate gifted to him by Dionysus. Thus, the above illustrations clea...

Kant's Critique of Utilitarianism Ethics

Kant claims that acting from the categorical Imperative "reveals to us our freedom and dignity", by this he means that Dignity brings about your morality which is what makes you part of the Kingdom of ends. It frees us from our senses by making us realize our own nature. The Categorical Imperative reveals what is moral and immoral and therefore we are able distinguish the two and this allows us t...

God in Augustinian and Irenaean Theodicy

In conclusion, the Augustinian theodicy and the Irenaean theodicy are two sharply contrasted theodicies: the Augustinian theodicy which is also known as the "soul deciding" theodicy, stresses the role of the Fall, and sees evil as either sin or the result of sin; whereas the Irenaean theodicy, which regards evil as a requirement by a God of love to let his free creatures to develop from their orig...

Dystopian Society in Modern Literature

Again, over the course of the novel, he finds out exactly what become a 'man' means, and it is far from what he wants to become. Some other examples of modern dystopian lit. can be found in these novels; Armageddon's Children (2006) by Terry Brooks Bar Code Rebellion (2006) by Suzanne Weyn The Pesthouse (2007) by Jim Crace Extras (2007) by Scott Westerfeld The Host (2008) by Stephenie Meyer Double...

Seven Taoist Masters Novel Summary

Her pride would have to be taken out of the picture. Once her master told her of a place where to learn, but didn't allow her to go since she would be violated because of her beauty. Willingly she mutilated her face because of her desire to learn. I truly admire someone with so much will power to alter their appearance just to learn something. The Tao teaches to forget about all worldly possessio...

The role that Fate plays in "Romeo and Juliet"

Overall, the audience can see that Fate has immensely affected virtually all of the outcomes of the plot. It has had a major influence on the main characters of the play, Romeo and Juliet, and their respective families who had ultimately ended their feud. Fate plays a vital part in this play and it is fate that has given the story a deep sensation of both drama and calamity, which made the play dr...

Black dog of fate

As the persecutions was against the Armenian Christians by the Turkish Muslims, the holocausts in the World War II era draws inspiration from it as it foreshadowed the mind-sets of the German army. The World War I killings of the millions of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks served as a justification to the holocausts of the World War II era. The holocaust was a period of mass murder of the Jews duri...

Macbeth was doomed by fate or by a flaw in his character

Lady Macbeth is the driving force that encourages Macbeth to overcome his sense of guilt and take action on the prophecies. Lady Macbeth manipulated Macbeth into murder by saying _"When you durst do it, then you were a man"_ An interpretation of this quote according to Lady Macbeth could be, he was more of a man when he dared to commit the murder, and recognizes that his ambition to commit the mur...

Dystopian Society in V for Vendetta

V is a symbol for anarchy and freedom: he is the polar opposite of everything the dystopian world presented in V for Vendetta stands for. The irony is that both Moira and V are “good” human beings in their own right: Moira is a feminist and fiercely devoted to her values, V is learned, knowledgeable and even sensitive even though he is capable of killing ruthlessly. However, because of his def...

Dystopian Society

To conclude, the ways in which ‘THT’ and ‘1984’ reflect a dystopian society are through the structures of the novels and the language the author uses to represent the characters personalities. Atwood mainly focuses on the structure of her novel which emphasises the unstructured dystopian society, by sectioning the chapters into significant parts; whereas, most novels simply have chapters. ...

The Fates of Greek Mythology

The Greeks cared so deeply about protecting the Gods’ and each other’s images and reputations, that they painted the Fates in a negative light just because they distributed the predestined doomed futures of the Gods and the people. Regardless of the fact that the Fates themselves did not truly choose these destinies, the Greek people punished them by drawing them as decrepit characters. Works ...

Philosophical Theories of Dualism and Idealistic Monism

I do not think the universe can be explained as simply as that, because at many points these two extremes do seem to converge and coexist in a way so as not to seem wholly incompatible. It does seem more plausible to me that the realm of the mind is more “real” than anything else because ideas are eternal and make up the world. Thus, I tend to agree with the monist viewpoint – about a world ...

Socrates Philosophy in Meno Dialogue

Virtue is something that someone learns from the environment that he or she has been brought up in. Sometimes the degree of holding on to a belief as being true depends on how seriously the subject matter is taken in the society one is brought up in. Knowledge and virtue are closely related but can be mutually exclusive. When a child grows up he or she learns new things by observing the environmen...

Summary of Characters in Dystopian Societiy of Feed

Many people rely on their smartphones for the simplest task and could not go a day without them. Targeted advertising is a real thing that is common to anyone who online shops. The predictions made in the book become more and more real as time passes so it is very interesting to read this book and get some insight to the down side of being connected to the internet constantly. I definitely recomme...

Comparing and contrasting “The Matrix” and Plato's “The Allegory Of The Cave”

As far as ignorance being bliss or finding out the harsh reality of illusion, I feel like it depends on the person. I know some people who purposely try to live in a false reality because they just would rather live in a fairytale. They do not want to deal with the harsh realities that come along with knowing the truth. I also know others that no matter how painful or frustrating reality is, knowi...

The Role of Fame, Fate, and Destiny in Beowulf

Comparing fame and destiny as a premium in the lives of Anglo-Saxon warriors is difficult.  To determine if one is more elevated than the other is hardly viable.  Yet considering Beowulf, it could be concluded that fame and the goodwill of his friends are more than sufficient to die for.  He respected fame and destiny but as I’ve indicated he believed that they may be kinder to a person who d...

Philosophical Theories of Idealism, Realism and Marxism

Finally, on the question of whteher international display a basic continuity or not, Marxists transfomatits find themselves between realists and idealist. Like realists, they believe there is not continuity. For Marxists this continuity exists in the fact that throughout history in the fact that throughout that control the means of production and where privilege because of that, while other groups...

Fate in Homer's Iliad

Iliad has a consistent subject, based on Achilles wrath. In the center of conflict, shines the absolute hero, the ruthless winner, violent and courageous, but also the sacrificed hero, who will spread death around him. The name of Achilles is uttered by all soldiers, and Peleus, the father of Achilles, is desired and regretted by all. Achilles wanted to die in the war, but by an irony, he is kille...

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