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Philosophical Analysis Essay

History of the School

National College of Science & Technology (NCST) was born in the historic and progressive Municipality of Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines in 1998. As a brainchild of a 23-year-old visionary entrepreneur in the person of Emerson B. Atanacio, NCST has slowly yet steadily carved its niche in the fast growing and very competitive educational arena not only in the province but in the entire CALABARZON region. With an initial enrollment of 550 students in 1998, the school has now increased tenfold from its original number as it now has a total population of 5,000 students in its conventional programs. The school has been faithful in its mission to provide industry responsive graduates.

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Thus, in 2005, it ventured into its “first institutionally developed” course offerings: the Certificate in Manufacturing Technology and the Diploma in Production Technology. Both curricular programs are under the Dual Training System where students are being trained in two avenues of learning – the school and the industry. With an initial enrollment of only 18 students in 2005, it has increased to 1,592 in 2008 and 1,026 as of August 2009. The university town of Dasmariñas is an inland town located some 32 kilometres south of Manila, and 27 kilometres south of Tagaytay City. As a rapidly developing municipality, it is situated along the western industrial corridor of the Laguna de Bay basin. It has an area of 234 hectares comprising 6.4 percent of the total area of the province of Cavite.

It is bounded in the north and west by General Trias, in the northeast by Imus and east by General Mariano Alvarez and Carmona and in the south by Silang. The National College of Science and Technology (NCST) is one of the leading educational institutions in the vast growing locality of Dasmariñas, Cavite. NCST has chosen Cavite as its place of birth due to its strategic location having numerous technology-based industries and companies operating in the different techno parks within the province, which is in cognizant with the institutional commitment of serving the youth of CALABARZON.

With its considerable resources, NCST is continuously engaged in the research and development of new courses as well as the enhancement of existing curricula and the further improvement of its facilities to support the various program offerings. Close linkage with the different business and industrial sector has brought forth enhanced training programs where students are simultaneously exposed to both academic and actual work environments ensuring that upon their graduation, they are equipped with employable skills, work knowledge and proper attitude. The NCST Campus is located along the stretch of Emilio Aguinaldo Highway and near the Congressional Avenue East in the university town of Dasmariñas, which is a strategic location, and makes it accessible to all parts of the provence of Cavite and of Manila.

The campus itself has a two building, 4-storey structure, with fifty-seven (57) classrooms inclusive of fifteen (15) laboratories, all of which are fully air-conditioned. In order to give the students the relevant training required in their respective fields of study, a special laboratory for each course is provided and which include a network of four hundred (400) computer systems and was the existence of five (5) servers that guarantees 1:1 student/computer ratio.

Furthermore, Internet access in the World Wide Web is also provided in order to familiarize the student with the sophistication of the information superhighway. Skills development is constantly upgraded to meet the challenging demands of the future. As such, technology-based courses in NCST are equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment as well as the backing of personnel with technological expertise who ensure that a well-rounded and comprehensive training program, and responds to the demands of the industry for quality and productivity.

II Philosophical Analysis

The National College of Science & Technology (NCST) systems envision to become one of the nation’s leading industry-based educational institution with campuses in key areas around the Philippines. NCST will be a top choice for human resources of every industry. NCST aims to become the institute for nation building, where student excellence is not an extraordinary achievement but a daily way of life.

NCST, in response to the commercial and industrial sectors’ need of highly professional and skilled manpower, provides advanced technology and industry-based education, and sets standard of proficiency and competency compatible to the demands of industry, enduring positive work values, competitiveness and quality among its graduates.

They aim to contribute to the national development by providing functional and relevant education thereby producing quality and responsible graduates with a strong foundation in character, faith, and love of country. Our graduates will become the change agents who will make a difference for this nation. We will produce professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs or skilled workforce who will become assets to the society and productive citizens of our country.


NCST undertakes the responsibility of providing the country with quality graduates who are trained with industry-responsive knowledge and skills and founded with underpinning values of faith, love of country and humanity, hope, justice, mutual respect and peace. Their academic community accepts the challenge to work hard as a team in the spirit of excellence to ascertain that our vision and mission turn into glorious reality.

Furthermore, NCST has its’ core values such as MAKADIYOS ,the foremost value that seeks to experience a lasting relationship with GOD. It inspires the people of NCST with courage, spirit and confidence through faith, love and commitment to God Almighty. MAKABAYAN, this value to kindle the nationalistic spirit of the people. Such aspiration gives the people of NCST a mission and a sense of dedication to work with the best of their skills and abilities by promoting science and technology for the advancement of the nation. MAPAGMALASAKIT , this value promotes understanding of the student’s welfare – the NCST’s primary concern by providing caring environment and amenities conductive to learning.

MAY PAGKAKAISA , this value lies on the relationship arising from the common interest, purposes and responsibilities of the people. With this, the people of NCST think, feel and act together towards the attainment of the school’s mission. MAKAKALIKASAN , this value harbors on the ideal of NCST of having a high regard for the preservation and conversation of the country’s environment and natural resources.

Having exposed to the mission, vision and core values of NCST, I could say that the institution adapted various philosophy. First and the most dominated philosophy is the Progressivism, a philosophical belief that argues that education must be based on the fact that humans are by nature social and learn best in real-life activities with other people, since NCST aims to become the institute for nation building, where student excellence is not an extraordinary achievement but a daily way of life.

The curriculum used by the school are somewhat related or has resemblance with progressivism wherein teachers should not only emphasize drill and practice, but should expose learners to activities that relate to the real life situations of students, emphasizing ‘Learning by doing’. Progressivists emphasize the study of the natural and social sciences. Teacher should introduce students to new scientific, technological, and social developments. To expand the personal experience of learners, learning should be related to present community life. Believing that people learn best from what they consider most relevant to their lives, the curriculum should centre on the experiences, interests, and abilities of students.

In NCST they not just study mathematics, literature, science but also courses that require students ability to apply what they learned in the four corners of the classroom to the world outside the school courses like their TESDA courses Certificate in Manufacturing Technology, Diploma in Production Technology, etc. In NCST, students are encouraged to interact with one another and develop social virtues such as cooperation and tolerance for different points of view. The core value of being MAKADIYOS is also related to idealism because in idealism, the aim of education is to discover and develop individual’s abilities and full moral excellence in order to better serve society. On the other hand, their core value of MAKAKALIKASAN shows that they also adapted the philosophy of Naturalism or the love for nature.

III Conclusion/ Summary

NCST is an institution that aims to provide the country with quality graduates who are trained with industry-responsive knowledge and skills and founded with underpinning values of faith, love of country and humanity, hope, justice, mutual respect and peace. The educational philosophy of this institution such as Values Formation, where in they aim to build the character of every individual and emphasize mutual respect, we put forth our belief in transforming ordinary students to become extraordinary is highly recommendable. Another thing that is good in this institution is their love for nature for they believe that it is our common responsibility to give environmental consciousness, care and protection.

They believe that we are all responsible and should take our place in the ecological balance and management and be part of the solution instead of becoming the problem. We should inspire and influence our community in the implementation of our environment programs. Their program which offers courses that develops practical skills is now a key for the students to immediately be hired or have works after their graduation.

They continuously aims to develop practical skill enhancement programs to sustain competitiveness among their graduates, creating an avenue of cooperation between the industry experts and the academic community in crafting a more relevant curriculum and more industry-relevant skills pertaining to the technical training requirements of our students. To sum this up, their Values is their heart, their Environmental Concern and Protection represents their Soul, Theoretical Foundation represents their Mind and Practical Skills represents their Body.

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