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Philippine Newscasters Essay

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If the world of mass media is dominated by men, would it be more powerful and more effective? What if females rule the news industry, will the audience feel more on the softer side of the news story? The distinction of men and women existed even before the written history of the Philippines. Women were limited when it comes to expressing their thoughts, opinions, and skills. However, in the present generation, gender discrimination is already evanescent. The capacities of the ladies have improved for them not to be surpassed by men. The society offers almost all occupations for both genders. In the field of news and public affairs, the newsmen and women affect the impact of the stories. The Farlex Incorporation (2012) defines news anchors as the personalities who “investigate, report or edit news stories”. They articulate news to inform the viewers on the latest events happening within a certain state.

These people can convince the community of explorers, political analyzers and scholars. They are able to help educate and reform the society through informing and sharing life stories of human value (Robles & Corsino, 2009). News stories are treated as goods or commodities and as they deliver these goods wrapped with grandiloquent words, they expect to attract people to watch their program. Each newscaster has their own strategies and techniques in explaining news events. These practices differ based on many aspects such as their protocols in their telecommunication channels, their signature traits etc. However, it is apparent that newsmen and women have differences and similarities in doing such approaches. Appearance has a significant effect in the efficiency of news anchors particularly here in the Philippines wherein viewers judge reliability through the physical aspects. In 2010, the Spot Incorporated specifies the top ten cutest local newsmen and based from the description published, “mestizo” and “moreno” looks and facial features are the common characteristics observed.

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Add to that is their trustworthy and charming faces, tidy hairstyle and clean-cut fashion sense. With these factors, their masculine impact gave the audience an impression of dependability and the authoritative presence due to their formal appeal. In terms of the actual coverage, attitude of newsmen still have commonalities in such a way that when they utter news reports, their faces exhibit seriousness (Tenedero, 2012). News anchors such as Ted Failon and Mike Enriquez speak faster; have louder and more powerful voices than newswomen which are evident in their late night news programs. Their technique in giving emphasis to significant details is through modulation and to make the news interesting to all audiences, newsmen sometimes add jesting commentaries.

Female news anchors are most commonly known for their soft voices and appeal to the viewers. Torre (2006) characterizes local female newspersons as the people who give their efforts more on developing their appearance to draw the audience’s attentions. They turn to be celebrity-like public figures and more popular than men due to their formal trend (Uy, 2011). Tenedero (2012) stated that newswomen report expressively in a way the viewer senses strong feelings but still possess authoritative appeal to the masses. They also react through exaggerated facial expressions such as smirks and sighs (Torre, 2006).

They also speak softly and slowly and with their hand gestures as a way to give emphasis on specific news details. Most of their reports express intellectual and adventurous stories which require fearless attitude. Men and women have the same opportunity in the news industry. News does not necessitate specific gender to fit in for reporting. Like the newsmen, female news reporters also give comments and their judgments but in a humorless manner. They also establish their persona to the viewers (Tenedero, 2012). During television coverage, it is expected that people of news and public affairs are in formal attire for them to prove their trustworthiness. News personalities must also maintain proper posture to show authoritative presence and to build good impression to the audience.

Mass media is considered as an institution in the society and as a part of it, news anchors have the responsibility to serve the nation as the voice of the people when covering a news story. As they deliver information, they portray different types of approaches in which female and male news anchors are being weighed against each other. In terms of appearance, style and fashion sense, manner of reporting and habits, newsmen have several traits that are not visible with the female news anchors but all of them have one goal which is to reveal, inform and educate the citizens of the country. George Herbert once said, “There would be no great ones if there were no little ones”. In some ways, there is no reason for the people to judge news personalities. Although they differ in many ways, it is difficult to say that one is better than the other. They have numerous distinctions and likeness. They have weaknesses and strength in many aspects.

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