Philanthropy Essay Topics

Corporate Philanthropy

It is easy to estimate what corporate America is pulling in by simply looking at the amount of money they spend on advertising and celebrity endorsements. The evidence of increased affluence can also be seen in the kind of lifestyle exemplified by the CEOs of said companies. In this era of billion dollar industries the… View Article

Captain of Industry or Robber Baron

The period of invention after the Civil War set the stage for immense industrial growth (Cayton 237). This period of time in the late 1800’s is known as the Industrial Revolution. Two prominent names in big business were John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. There is no doubt that these people left their mark on… View Article

Sample Research Methodology

There has been revelations recently in relation to salary top-ups at charities in Ireland. With donations falling and services being cut due to funding constraints, executive salaries remain under the microscope. This practice has attracted criticism and is affecting the credibility of many charitable organisations. Charities specifically identified as using donations or other sources of… View Article