Philadelphia Essay Topics

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones was an officer of the infant Continental Navy who took the War of Independence all the way to British soil and carried out surprise raids. Responding to Britain’s looting and burning of Colonial America, John Paul Jones damaged or destroyed strongholds and absconded with needed supplies. He is regarded as America’s greatest… View Article

Philly Fans: City of Brotherly Love

“A true Philadelphia fan learns to boo before he learns to speak.” A quote that is not as exaggerated as it seems. In Philadelphia people are outspoken and live by the way they cheer, brutal. Philadelphia “fanatics” are the most rowdy fans in all of sports. This is proven by events such as throwing snowballs… View Article

Federal Convention at Philadelphia 1787-1789

The origin of the Federal Convention at Philadelphia exemplifies the culmination of forces and the counterrevolution against the popular excesses of the war of Independence. The federal convention at Philadelphia took place because of two main reasons. First, there is an increase perception that the Article of Confederation is a weak instrument in identifying the… View Article

The Important Facts About William Penn

William Penn is known, of course, as the founder of Pennsylvania. He is also known as a famous Quaker and for his Great Treaty wit hthe Delaware. What is known however, is often obscured by myth. For example, Penn did not name his colony after himself(as he feared would be assumed), but after his recently… View Article