Phenomenon of Social Networking Essay

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Phenomenon of Social Networking

Social networking evolved as a result of the many challenges which were encountered in the past in the process of communication. Given that the loved ones and business associates wanted to keep in touch, a desire for a social network came into place in order to facilitate social networking where people can be able to communicate with ease. The social networking made possible for people to talk randomly globally to other millions of people thus helping to put out the communication thirst with people of like mind. The social networking evolved in order to offer more opportunities for people to meet and stay in touch both known and unknown.

Furthermore, it made easy for people to exemplify personas and also feel unconventional. The social networking however is associated with a number of dangers. It leads to many new cyber crimes in that it creates a long term personal havoc which is regrettable later in life given that people do make fun of others or false identity online leading to enormous consequences as a result of online inappropriate behaviors. Scammers may try to steal or use ones personal information and use it to fraud, since they can stole your password and use it to send out spam messages which will ruin your reputation online (Hassam, 2010).

Sexual predators can get information especially from kids and harm them. Children more so do not observe privacy and can leak out important information. Furthermore, information made online is public and thus no privacy is entailed. In conclusion, social networking plays a big role in helping people to make friends, market yourself or business and to find romance online nevertheless they can be misused thus ruining our privacy and reputation. Social networking is best used in sharing ideas but not private and confidential information’s.

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