Phenomenological Design Essay

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Phenomenological Design

Before defining phenomenological design, we should first define what phenomenology is. Phenomenology is a philosophy or method of inquiry, wherein it depend on the idea that reality is composed of objects or events that we are able to perceive or understand in our consciousness, and this does not include anything that is independent or outside human consciousness. Phenomenological designs are created based upon this definition.

These design methods are approached at an experiential angle, wherein it involved the human perception and experience. The certainty of things would have to rely on how they appear or present themselves in the human consciousness. Anything that falls outside our immediate experiences should be ignored or set aside, and in this way, we are reducing the real world based on what’s contained in our personal consciousness.

Phenomenological designs are experiential, with the basis of human consciousness and experience (Groenewald, 2004). In order for these designs to be created or conceptualized, they should at least be experienced or perceived by people. Phenomenological designs are concerned with the quality of the output, and should be able to instigate action in the people and be able to capitalize in their participation. These designs demand holistic and interdisciplinary engagement, thus affecting the resulting environment being created.

They also hone the individuals’ ability to understand the connections between perception and interpretation of these designs, thus delineating concepts like theory and practice, as well as thinking and doing. Phenomenological designs in promote change in some aspect, as it encourages movement and participation, thus resulting into action, which could then result to certain changes. Reference: Groenewald, T. (2004). A phenomenological research design illustrated. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Vol. 3(No. 1).

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