PhD Program Essay

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PhD Program

It is with distinct privilege that I seek to provide the committee of this University my application for a post-graduate PhD degree in Exercise Kinesiology. Equipped with the necessary skills and competence, I wish to impart the necessary information relevant in my application. In the end, it is my desire to showcase my relevant education and experience which had given me the opportunity to meet the necessary criteria for acceptance. The constant motivation and aim to improve has always been my constant objectives in seeking higher education.

Acquiring the relevant concepts and theories can be an essential as I seek to balance the interplay between the real environment and the views presented in textbooks. Moreover, the experience can also serve as an avenue for teaching in my relevant profession. Having the sufficient training and schooling can permit a solid leverage over the things being given to students. Looking back at my educational background, I achieved my Associates of Arts degree in Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville on May 2005.

By 2007, I finished my Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology at University of Georgia, Athens. Currently, I am due to graduate on December 2008 with an Education Master of Science in Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami. All these things have been significant in what I am right now. With regards to my work experience, I had been employed by Don Shulas Hotel in Miami as an exercise specialist/wellness coordinator.

In here, I was given the responsibility of handling clients in various fitness levels. Moreover, I began creating strength plans for golf players in the hotel. It is with these encounters that I was able to apply the things I had learned in my education while at the same time obtain the necessary experience to be competitive in my realm. Also, recognizing the importance of reaching out to other people, I had also been a participant of a volunteer program last 2006.

I became engrossed at Terwilliger Elementary School wherein I taught students with mental disabilities of basic motor skills. The fulfillment and satisfaction of seeing these kids learn has always been beneficial in my personal drive to teach. Similarly, it developed my interpersonal skill in handling different kinds of people. This I see is another crucial factor to be successful in my field. I also understand that the PhD program requires a research topic that will guide me throughout the program.

Due to this, my interest shall focus on the effect of resistance training on diseased population such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. I seek to provide to the expansion of literature by showcasing my study towards my colleagues. It has always been my overall goal to investigate relationships and provide added insight to my profession. But I still feel the dire need to be guided by professors who will impart their time and effort to lead me towards increased competency and growth.

That is why, if given the opportunity, I would like to be under the tutelage of Dr. Borsa, Dr. Haas, and Dr. Hausenblass. With their help, I can maximize my potentials and at the same time pave the way for learning for students. In the end, I hope the committee shall consider my application. Your approval can be very beneficial not only to my personal goals but at the same time to individuals who share the same interests that I have. It is only through our hard work and determination can we achieve the changes that we desire.

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