Pharmacy Sales and Inventory System Essay

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Pharmacy Sales and Inventory System

Chapter I
The Background and its Setting

Time is very important in every people especially when we do our job. We have done all at the correct time so that we can meet the quota of the company every day. It is difficult in doing all things manually particularly when you’ve lack of time to do this, like counting the number of items that are already sold, how much is the total amount and determinable number of the stocks of each medicine. The problem in manual is that, a pharmacy assistant has a great chance to make some errors and fraud in inventory because in the processing of sales and inventory usually begins when a customer bought a medicine over the counter and sometimes they have made a wrong total amount of medicine by means of confusion and crowdedness of the customers. They couldn’t determine faster the number of stocks of each item and the out of stock.

Since it is often times that the managers do not have enough time or information to check the items sold and remaining, they don’t even know the exact quantity of stocks of the medicine. For the customer, the main problem is that they are waiting for the pharmacy assistant that is looking for the medicine they intended to buy, if they have the particular brand of medicine that they are buying or are they still have a stock. It is also a waste of time to the part of customer. So the main focus of the study is on how can be easily know the amount and quantity of medicine with less effort to the employee and improve the accurate information in a receipt. This paper shows about the inventory system.

The Pharmacy Sales and Inventory system is accessible by an administrator. They can customize the interface which can add, edit, filter, and monitor all stock of medicines in the pharmacy. This system will show all the changes made by the administrator.

Background of the Study

Today, computer has become a part of life. It is evident that most of the country’s institutions still do not use the high technology. Particularly in pharmacies, daily transactions, inventories and record of sales are still done on paper. People know that modern pharmacies are now operating at great pace striving to serve as many customers as possible with the best of their abilities. But as the years goes by, the number of customers has grown and various cases arise that the manual method of managing customers’ transactions, inventories and updating sales, is no longer practical. In this study, researchers hope to develop a system that will minimize all works of manual methods, therefore allowing owners ease in updating inventory – a system that is fully automated, user-friendly, time effective and efficient.

Owner knows that number of customers continually increase, managing a pharmacy can also become increasingly difficult, especially if everything is done manually. The researcher will tend to make a system for the easier way of providing information about the product bought, sold, and stored. In addition, the system will attempt to provide receipts using the new system to show the effectiveness of modernizing the company’s current system. This system tends to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the process done by the company. The convenience of this new system will help to promote the company as well as to help its employees do an easier task for the enhancement of the system process.

Statement of the Problem

The study will enhance the existing inventory control system for pharmacies for a better inventory management and to eliminate/reduce risks of errors and fraud. It will seek to answer what enhancement and design the pharmacy can adopt for a more effective and efficient inventory system. The researchers aim to answer the following:

1.Will the system provide satisfaction to pharmacies in terms of:


2.Does Pharmacy Sales and Inventory System helps pharmacist in their management processes and sales?

a.Time Efficiency

3.Does the system will provide correct and reliable information to the pharmacy?

a.Information accuracy
b.Data consistency

4.Does the system will help provide good quality of service to customers in terms of:

a.Quality of products
b.Faster transactions

Significance of the Study

This system provides more efficient and faster transactions to pharmacies. It will also provide better service to the customers. •Pharmacist- improves stock management, because the system automatically tells what products are lacking and expired. •Customer- provides faster transaction and less time of waiting because the pharmacist can give all the information of the product. •Administrator- enables to improve the control of the system and also enables to improve the design, the efficiency of the system.

Theoretical Framework

This Inventory System is important for any business particularly in Pharmacies. An inventory system must balance having enough inventories on hand to meet the demand of customers while investing as little money as possible in inventory. The scope of an inventory system considers which needs the inventory system addresses. These include valuing the inventory, measuring the change in inventory and planning for future inventory levels. The value of the inventory at the end of each period provides a basis for financial reporting on the balance sheet.

Measuring the change in inventory allows the company to determine the cost of inventory sold during the period. The inventory level and changes allow the company to plan for future inventory needs. This Pharmacy Information System is a computerized system that handles many one of many outpatient functions, such as taking prescription orders, prescription entry, and pricing of the medications, to fill and refill medication, medication inventory, and the financial management and purchasing

Conceptual Framework

Scope and Limitation

This system will focus on the list of the medicine in the pharmacy that will keep the computerized record of the medicines, it will also store the details of the medicines and can print all the records, and all the sales will be stored in the sales history and the changes will be recorded at the change log, so that the community in the place/city will assure in this system. Only the IT personnel can edit the prizes and the stock of medicine and only the pharmacist can access this system.

Definition of terms

Sales and Inventory System- software-based solution used to simultaneously track sales activity and inventory Pharmacy- a store where medicinal drugs are dispensed and sold Data- fast and statistics collected together for reference or analysis Medicinal Drugs- something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease Pharmacist- a person who is professionally qualified to prepare and dispense medicinal drugs Customer- a person that buys goods or services from a store or business

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