Illegal Drugs in Saudi Arabia
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Treatment, a big problem in Saudi Persia, Cannabis is a considerable problem with people here, many of the Saudis cigarette smoking far too much as well as other drugs! I am not in any way overall look or kind a medicine taker but I know that they are quickly available. But the cost here for trafficking drugs is DEATH, so before you bring some with you, or try to finish to your "friends" keep in thoughts this! Drugs problematic wid…...
Pharmaceutical Science and My Interest in Chemistry
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I pursued bachelor of pharmacy from Sarada Vilas College of pharmacy, Mysore One of the best academic institutions for pharmacy under Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences. Prospective Interest------ chemistry Pharmaceutical science is a multi faceted field, which incorporates a myriad number of subjects, which Include biotechnology, physiology, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, molecular biology so on and so forth. But one field that stands out in its contribution to pharmacy is chemistry. The four years of my course work in B-pharmacy have…...
Analysis of Pharmacy Code of Ethics
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Each occupation has a set of ethical codes and standards which they must adhere to in order to reach maximum trust and maintain professional relationships with their customer or client. Breach of the defined code will result in damage of client's trust, trustworthiness in one's ability to work in their environment with a non- unbiased view etc. A Pharmacist's main objective is to offer and help patients in making the best judgment concerning their use of medication; anything that jeopardizes…...
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My Life Plan
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My dream is to serve members of the community in the medical field as a Radiology Technician with care, compassion, and knowledge. I have had many influences from medicine, from past jobs as well as past experiences. I have worked in pharmacy as well as general medicine, internal medicine and orthopedics. My most significant influence to strive for a career in the medical field was by personal experience. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age 1. There were many,…...
Why Students of the School of Pharmacy Shift to Another Course
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Introduction Pharmacy is a course concentrating on drugs and patient care. With rapid advances being made in medicine, it is necessary for pharmacy students to encounter more pressure in studying and to be life-long learners after graduating from pharmacy school. Motivation is a psychological concept that refers to a person’s willingness to put effort in order to achieve educational goals and it is necessary in being sure of what you want. But there are cases that student’s motivation is degraded…...
My Personal Aspirations
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When you aspire for your future career, one must consider the important factors that lead to that. Each of these is an important component towards the achievement of success and the necessary foundation towards competence. With all of these mentioned, I believe that a course in Microbiology is an important determinant towards my future profession as a pharmacist. In the end, with this subject I can obtain the necessary skills needed towards addressing the challenges of my future major. Looking…...
Pharmacy School Personal Statement
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As one of the aspiring pharmacists in the country, my personal and career goal is to be in line with the top-rated practitioners in pharmacy. Hence, it has always been my dream to serve the public, most specially those who are sick and in need of appropriate pharmaceutical assistance. I am aware of the fact that this career demands more of my time because serving these people matters the most. As such, I can say that the work environment in…...
Pharmacy Personal Statement
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I selected pharmacy as a career because I believe that it is caring, it is an art, a science, client centered, holistic, adaptive, concerned with health promotion, health maintenance, and health restoration and most of all I firmly agree that pharmacology is a helping profession. It is the pharmacist’s responsibilities to take care of the client who are in need of health attention. We should be able to help the client relieve his feelings of pain or in other words…...
Pharmacy Inventory System
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INTRODUCTION AND ITS BACKGROUND A pastor named Ferdie Sinense together with his wife Marisa Sinense who works as an auditor, established Rapa Generics Pharmacy on September 23, 2011. The main branch of this Pharmacy is located at Las Piňas-Zapote Road in Las Piňas City. Anthony Rudil, a licensed pharmacist and Jennifer Robela the assistant pharmacist are currently managing the business. In addition to that, the business opened its door to three more branches located in Pulang Lupa, Las Piňas and…...
Pda Medication Reflective Account
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As a requirement of my role as Support Worker for Options Of Independence. I must support my service users with administering medication, in order for me to administer medication safely under the Royal Pharmaceutical Society guidelines, Handling Of Medication in social care 2007, and under Dundee City Council guidelines, I must check that the medicines are correct by checking the medication pack and label on the box must be by the pharmacist or dispensing gp, and identify the service user…...
Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry
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The study of Knowledge Management is a process that has been researched for centuries by western philosophers and traditional theorists, however it is only until recently that knowledge management has been the main focus for many organisations. Many have said that it was the publishing of Karl Wiig’s, “knowledge management foundations” (1993), that sparked the huge interest in knowledge management and nearly two decades on KM is now considered as an essential tool for companies to improve their performance and…...
Skilled Care Pharmacy
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I. Background of the Case Skilled care Pharmacy, located in Mason, Ohio, is a $25 million privately held regional provide of pharmaceutical products delivered within the long-term care, assisted living, hospice, and group home environments. The following products are included within the service: Medications and related billing services Medical records Information systems Continuing education Consulting services to include pharmacy nursing, dietary, and social services The key customer groups the Skilled Care provides services to include the senior population housed within…...
CVS Pharmacy Corporation Annual Report
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Executive Summary/Company History/Products and Services CVS/Pharmacy has shown a consistent growth for the last three years. Three years ago CVS/Pharmacy has merged with Longs Pharmacy and Caremark to form the largest retail pharmacy chain in the United States. CVS/Pharmacy- CVS/Pharmacy began operations in 1963, and added the pharmacy department in 1967. In 2007, CVS merged with Caremark Rx, Inc. Finally, in 2008, CVS bought the Longs Drug Store chain. CVS has over 7000 stores(, 2010). At the end of 9…...
Statement of Purpose for PhD in Pharmacology
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My Philosophy of Graduate Education in Pharmacy Pharmacy is a discipline of science that dictates the health and disease. Continued education and research in every branch of pharmacy are needed for the health care, therapy, and prevention. I believe that my graduate training in the science of pharmacy will enable me to accomplish my goals in educating myself and others, to conduct research, and also to contribute my skills and knowledge to the welfare of the society. Why Pharmacy as…...
Sample Cover Letter for a Pharmacy Internship
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I am applying for a pharmacy internship position at (_) with hopes that it will be an opportunity where I will be able to fulfill my degree requirements. I am recently in school achieving my goal to achieve the next step of becoming a pharmacy technician. In order for me to reach my long term goal Im required to have an internship, hopefully you’ll be able to fulfill my goal. Im open-minded and willing to learn. I regularly take part…...
Pharmacy Technician Professionalism
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Interest in professionalism has grown recently, which-- at least in part-- has been driven by reports of the unethical, prohibited, or unprofessional behaviour of doctors and other health experts. Bring back public trust, particularly in medication and doctors, however also changes in public and patient expectations, as well as working conditions and context therefore underlie efforts to specify, explain, determine and evaluate professionalism in the health care occupations. Among the health care occupations medication leads the method in its attempts…...
CVS Pharmacy Organization Structure
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Draw a chart of your organizations domain. List the organization’s products and customers and the forces in the specific and general environments that have an effect on it. Which are the most important forces that the organization has to deal with Draw a chart of your organizations domain CVS Pharmacy Specific Environment General Environment An organizations domain is the goods and services, and customers of the organization. Every organizational domain consists of a specific and general environment. In CVS Pharmacy’s…...
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I express my sincere gratitude to the Almighty God for his protection and guidance through the attachment period. I will humbly acknowledge the management and staff of Sunyani Regional Hospital Records Department, especially to Mr. Peter Amponsah Manu, Madam Elizerbeth kyeraah as the Supervisors at Medical Records Department and Mr. Sanyo, the senior manager of Live Records for their guidance, encouragement and also the knowledge impacted which has been a great help. Finally, I would like to thank my parent…...
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Why Students of the School of Pharmacy Shift to Another Course

...The study will answer administrator, teachers in School of Pharmacy as to why pharmacy students choose to shift rather than finish the course. We will know the subjects that make students decide to shift. Knowledge of this will greatly help them be r...