Pfizer information systems Essay

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Pfizer information systems

Pfizer is a health organization in form of a pharmaceutical company. It has its headquarters in London. Due to the wide distribution of activities within the corporation however, success of its activities has been through the use of Clinical Management System (CMS). This is management software, which is in a form of a wide scope of database that support the storage, processing and release of information across different departments. In 2000, this information system database won the top honor towards care management.

The nature of the database is inform of a complex autonomy of information sourcing, storage and dissemination center to the various departments within the organization. (http://ieeexplore. ieee. org/Xplore/login. jsp? url=/iel5/6709/20043/00926806. pdf? arnumber=926806) It has been an important implement towards the maintenance of patient records in electronic forms. It helps in providing support for the providers of primary care, care managers, health professionals and nurses with the most appropriate framework for decision-making.

Within its system, CMS database holds records about the outlay of various chronic diseases. Elsewhere, it is equipped with the health information of various patients which is seen as an important step towards offering adequate performance lifestyle in the care management for the patients. (http://www. pfizer. com. my/01b_bus. asp) To Pfizer, CMS database system was developed as a solution towards patients care management. It has been a tool for supplement health care management in various institutional process management within the organization.

A complex autonomy of data is held within its system which captures patient health history, chronic diseases, and medical attention given to them above others. Decision support for patients is attained through the provision of information across various departments within the organization. The database helps the professionals for health care in collected the most appropriate medical history, laboratory data, medical data information on treatment status, symptoms and other basic patient information. Within its system also, treatment information on patients that have diabetes, depression and heart failure is maintained.

It also has a component of modules that are used by health care professionals in facilitating health lifestyles. Consequently, an approach towards lifestyles that help to reduce the risks involved in cardiovascular disease is provided. (http://www. pfizerhealthsolutions. com/media/071301_award. asp) Therefore, CMS is a risk management database system where information which is patient specific is stored. Consequently, the stored information is thus configured towards providing the most appropriate real-time analyzed decision support structures to the caregivers.

The application of the information held in the system involves trained nurses as well as care managers who are licensed to use various program protocols under strict supervision of a specialist. They then deliver the most appropriate care towards the success of the patients. It has various clinical features and functions aimed at patient care management. Generally, Pfizer Health solutions have been known in offering and enhancing efficiency and quality in health care delivery. This would perhaps be a simple structure of database CMS information system.

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