Petrol Price Hike Essay

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Petrol Price Hike

Today ,I geetika bajaj would like to throw some light on a very burning issue of 21st century for which I would like to ask u a question about something u do daily? U’l tell me brushing bathing n all dat. But now a new thing that has intruded our daily routine –is The inflating /ballooning Price of Petrol!!!!!! One gets out of the house ,drives his vehicle and reaches his destination activating his brain cells thinking of any new shortcut to his destination – the reason behind all this is the Sky rocketing price of petrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The petrol prices have zoomed by Rs 7.50 per litre . among the highest in one go,.it seems that the government has lobbed the petrol bomb at its people. .

With the world economy shaky, crude prices shooting up and our own rupee sliding dangerously against the dollar, one can understand that the government may have been left with little option After all, someone has to foot the bill and also the oil companies cannot be expected to sell way below cost price for too long if they have to survive. Also one of the core reason of this price hike is the increasing no. of vehicles….. So friends lets be logical and use our economics over here…..when demand is greater than supply the prices rise, in the same way…when we recklessly waste the petrol and increase the demand ,petrol prices are sure to get high.

So the solution of al these lies in a few steps using public transport for travelling office, markets

Use high capacity transport system like train, ships instead of trucks and carrier vans. Use of cycles to go to nearby places instead of bikes or cars. Switch your engine off when traffic is halted for long.

Avoid keeping ur pc on standby mode.

So u can have a greener and abrighter future or a crestfallen and destructive one. so the choice is completely yours .

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