Pet Wonderland Services (PWS) Essay

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Pet Wonderland Services (PWS)

Introduction to the organization

Pet Wonderland Services (PWS) is a new business in pets industry. PWS first shop was at Shah Alam section 13. Although there are several pets shop in Shah Alam, PWS wil brings new services to the animal lovers communities as.


To serve the best quality, friendly and effective service and fulfill customer satisfaction.


To be one of the top pet shop that brings the most high quality and effective services in the Malaysia. “Your pets is our responsible too”


The main objective of this service is to ease community that they would not have to bring their pet to our shop but we will go to their house and give the services that they wanted to. In our services, we only provide the best pets product and we will consult with the owner about their pets first so that we can use an appropriate an suitable pet’s product to their pets. We want to deliver a quality services so that customer will believe in us. We are not just gaining profit, we are also gaining trust to our customer and love to the animal.

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