Pet Overpopulation: Negative Effects and Prevention

Pet overpopulation, over breeding, irresponsible breeding – these are all terms that share the same meaning. What do they mean? Well, pet overpopulation is when domestic animals are bred consistently causing a large number of domestic pets without a home or family. These animals end up unwanted and stray in the streets to fend for themselves. Shelters do their best to take in as many stray animals as possible, as much as about eight million strays. However, there is only a limited amount of space causing the rest of the animals to remain in the streets and many die.

According to the American Humane Association, the main causes of pet overpopulation include irresponsible breeding, choosing not to adopt and disposable pets. Irresponsible breeding is when pet owners choose to not spay or neuter their pets and then proceed to intentionally breed their pets. Some owners expect to make a good profit and others are ignorant to the fact that their pets are most likely going to perform sexual acts, whether with another pet or a stray animal.

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As for choosing not to adopt, many new pet owners choose to acquire a new pet rather than adopting from an animal shelter. In reality there are more than enough homes for that animals that reside at a shelter.

However, the problem is that many pet owners to be are overlooking the option of adoption. Adoption helps save the life of an animal and in addition to that, it insures that the adopted animal is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and checked for other illnesses or diseases.

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And most importantly, adoption helps the next stray animal that shows up at the shelter. Disposable pets are pets that are abandoned by their owners, either by leaving them at a shelter’s doorstep or leaving them to become stray animals. Of course there are extenuating circumstances in which it is absolutely necessary to relinquish a pet, but more than not, that is not the case. Pet overpopulation is unnecessary and can be prevented 100% percent of the time. However, it is up to the owner or the owner-to-be to be responsible. Some of the steps to prevent pet overpopulation include always spaying of neutering your pets. Choose adoption over breeding or buying from a breeder. Familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and consequences that come with owning a pet before deciding to actually adopt the pet. And most importantly, educate your children, loved ones and anyone close to you about the importance of pet overpopulation prevention and the steps that can be taken to prevent it.

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