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Pest totyoooota

Situation being analysed: TOYOTA  PEST analysis (political, economical, social, technological) assesses a market, including competitors, from the standpoint of a particular proposition or a business.

•Toyota had a lot of help from japan government, including tax breaks (4) •The most flexible labor markets in the world (5)
•Widening Income gaps (4)••Increase on Japan’s Interest rate (5) •Income level of the US rise (5)
•GDP in Japan decreased meaning that the overall income level of population lowered causing people to buy less cars (5) •Japan’s exchange rate (5)
•One of the leading brands in cars around the world (5)
•Japanese automotive industry is one of the most famous in the world (5) SocialTechnological
•The fuel in America less expensive than in Europe, which means, that this market can buy not only small cars with small fuel expenses, but the big pickups, crossovers, jeeps and other big cars, that they like very. This is a favorable situation for Lexus’ all roaders and crossovers (5)

Brief facts about the business:
When and where was it founded? Japan 1937 (2)
In which industry does the business operate? Automotive (1)
What brands and/or product(s) does it sell?

•Hybrids & EV
•Hybrid Cars
•Hybrid SUVs (1)

(1)Vehicles (2013) Available at: (Accessed Oct 5 2013) (2)History Of Toyota (2013) Available at: (Accessed Oct 5 2013) (3)Financial Summary FY 2012 (2013) Available at: (Accessed Oct 5 2013) (4)Toyota PESTEL Analysis (2010) Available at: (Accessed Oct 5 2013)

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