Persuasive Speech on Sex Education at School

Should children be given sex education in schools, or should this be the responsibility of the parents? Thesis Statement: Sex, as serious and important to discuss, is still a very uncomfortable topic for teenagers to discuss; this speech will persuade the audience that sometimes, some things are best discussed at the comfort of a child’s home rather than the company of others.

Sex is an important part of life. Whether or not we choose to go for it right away or wait, chances are we will have sex at one point in time, which is why it is better to get the facts straight sooner than later.

The problem is though, with sex; we don’t get to say, “Experience is the best teacher.” If it is, then we could all get away with doing “it” and could say that we’ll do better next time.

In 2010, the Philippine Government has implemented a United Nations-backed sex education program in public schools for children and teenagers.

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The sex education program has been piloted in selected schools around the country and included topics such as Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS prevention, and family planning. Most of these topics imply only the abstinence part of sex education. Talking about sex does not make us want to have it. In fact, in health classes, sex is usually associated with abstinence.

To be honest, my family has been open into discussing sex issues to us, their children. From time to time, they open discussions about sex, and ask us of our concerns with regards to certain aspects of sex.

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At first, I found it a whole lot awkward and uncomfortable talking about genital organs and hearing about how babies are made generally. However, as I have continued going to school and is somehow able to acquire the maturity I was expected to have, I have learned that sex should be taken seriously.

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Persuasive Speech on Sex Education at School

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