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Persuasive Speech

I want you all to look at your uniform and think, why are you wearing that? What is the purpose? In this day and age, school uniforms are completely irrelevant to a students life. They should not be essential in our Australian schools. Uniforms are costly, do not help a students education in any way as well as take away a students right for freedom and expression. Clearly, school uniforms should not be compulsory and we need to abolish academic attire. There aren’t many arguments in favor of forcing school uniforms. The best is that it camouflages which students are poor so that they don’t have to feel bad about what they wear.

Honestly, that’s a weak argument. There aren’t many families that are poor to that extent and if they are they can’t afford a school uniform anyway. Our jumpers are $120 yet they are itchy and extremely uncomfortable to wear. The kilts are $200 yet they are ugly and heavy to wear. $320 for two articles of clothing. You could by a jumper and a skirt for every day of the week with that much money. Undoubtedly, our uniforms are way too excessive. Our uniforms are not scholar super-suits. They do not make us smarter. They do not make us creative. They do not make us athletic. So why do we need to wear them?

Surely you do not want to curb your creativity or feel like you’re going to prison everyday. Our uniforms can’t be worn places other than school and they have to be replaced frequently because of our growing bodies. Also, our uniforms are always either not warm enough or too hot.

Our uniforms are unnecessary. When we go to school we want to be seen as who we are. Uniforms make us equal and yes, we all want to be equal, but can’t you see that we are not the same? Can’t you see that we are different? It is understandable that the hallways are not catwalks but dress codes will be used so nothing is evealing, but telling us exactly what to wear everyday is just too far. If we aren’t allowed to be who we are, then how will we ever learn to stand out and show our true colours? Some of you might be thinking about how people will judge each other by what they wear but do you honestly think people automatically don’t judge each other because we are wearing a uniform? It’s crazy to think that if uniforms were not compulsory that you would not like the people you call your friends because they dress differently to you. We all have common sense and should know that either way that cliques would not have changed.

We are all maturing mentally, physically and emotionally and schools need to cater with an environment that encourages our individuality and inspires self confidence. Our uniforms diminish self expression and creativity. Nevertheless, the idea of uniforms being compulsory is manic. They are not affordable, they are not beneficial to education and they are a block of a students outlet of character. School uniforms are a complete waste of time and money and should not be vital and I am sure that once I graduate from high school, I am never wearing green again. Thank you.

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