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Persuasive Paper

Toilet paper is a material item that most people use. This paper has a big impact on our society. Not many people pay attention to how they put their paper on they just sort of throw it all together in a matter of seconds. One day I noticed that my paper was harder to get than normal, then I noticed that the beginning of the paper was hanging from the back of the roll instead of laying on it or hanging over the front. This startled me, I did not realize until then that you can put your toilet paper either the front or the back. I said to myself “This can not be, my paper is all wrong it should not be this way! (I made gestures).” So I have come to decide that having your toilet paper is better in the front of the roll compared to the back.

When most people go to sit down on their toilet they expect their paper to be there. Well what if your paper was there and a good full amount was present but when you go to reach for it, it seems a little bit farther away, well this is because your paper may have been placed wrong. Lets think about this in a conservative way. If you have a small child then you will know what I mean, Little kids like to play with toilet paper, some even like to eat it!

Well if you have your paper in the front it will make it harder for the child to pull more of the roll from its original state, as opposed to if you had your paper in the back, the kid could pull it so hard, tons of it will roll because of the downward motion, and this may cause the tug to be to powerful and may rip the toilet paper, Then you would not be able to roll the paper back to its original rolling position. Having the paper in the front is also very convenient for easier toilet paper rolling. If the paper was in the back, you have to reach under or around the roll to get your paper, and then pull it in a downward motion, If you pull it straight towards you, it is liable to break!

I have asked around to find if anyone likes there paper in the back position, I found out some people do! I asked those people why on earth they could like the paper in the back. They said: ” Because if you pull it from the back, you can have a faster speed of rolling paper” I replied, “But a lot of the time the paper breaks and then you have bits and pieces” he said, ” Bits and pieces are not always bad. You can just add them to your handful of toilet paper that you’re going to use.” I just shook my head nicely and thought to myself of an old saying an old man said to me once: ” It’s quality not quantity.”

In conclusion, I have decided after hearing both sides that having you paper in front is indeed better than in the back. So the next time you are putting your roll of toilet paper on, you just remember that if you have a kid, think about your toilet paper placement. Think about your arm and hand energy when you go to grab a few sheets. Think about the quality of your handful and not the quantity!

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