Persuasive essay in favour of abolishing hunting Essay

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Persuasive essay in favour of abolishing hunting

Hunting should be prohibited because it is all too simple for hunters to abuse regulations. Firstly, there is no way to be certain whether or not hunters comply with limits established in regards to the amount of animals they are allowed to kill, and where they are allowed to hunt. Every occurrence in a hunting expedition cannot be monitored and therefore hunters are essentially “allowed” to do as they please. The overconfidence that ensues leads to hunters taking even more lives than they are permitted.

As well, hunters have the ability to enter reserves to hunt game, though they may not have the permission. This can have devastating consequences on the condition of the ecosystem where the animas live as well as the power to destroy and hinder conservation attempts. However, this could be solved through the abolition of hunting. Secondly, it is nearly impossible to identify whether methods that hunters use are “ethical”. Though there truly is no ethical way to kill an innocent animal, certain measures are taken to create laws to keep hunting as humane as possible.

Nevertheless, there are many cases where these laws are disobeyed and ignored. For example, news stories have described a horrifying hunting method referred to as “slob-hunting”. Hunters will run into a herd of elk or other game and senselessly shoot, taking whatever they have killed and leaving wounded animals to simply die on their own. This merciless tactic is certainly something that is intolerable, and is yet another example of why sport hunting should be eliminated. Lastly, hunters are not supervised, giving them the ability to kill any animal in the area, including endangered species.

Though most endangered species in places like North America are protected, animals do not stay stationary and there is always the possibility for one of these creatures to be injured or killed. Therefore, because hunters do not always comply with hunting laws, the practice should be abolished altogether. Another reason hunting should be outlawed is because it disrupts the intricate balance of an ecosystem. One example of this is the depletion of endangered species. There are many animals whose numbers have been severely reduced due to hunting, such as the polar bear.

Though it may not seem like a conventional prey in sport hunting, climate change is not the only reason for their dwindling numbers. Polar bears are respectfully hunted in most parts of North America by the Inuit, as it is part of the culture of the area. However, polar bear trophies have now become the desire of many American sport hunters. These trophies are representative of nothing but the senseless murder of an animal, and are a prime example of how harmful sport hunting can be on an entire species.

Hunters may argues that hunting is justified as it keeps animals from overpopulating, however in the wild this occurs independently. If left unchanged, and ecosystem can easily sustain itself and thrive. Population is naturally controlled through disease, as the weakest animals are killed off and the strongest are left to survive and breed, but when hunting, the strongest are the ones who are killed. To agree with a hunter’s logic would be agreeing that it is justified to kill an animal because they may become sick or starve, which is sickening.

It is unnecessary cruelty, and should be eradicated. Hunting also disturbs hibernation patterns of animals, and can cause stress which can take a heavy toll on their wellbeing. For example, to wolves who live in very intimate families, the loss from hunting can devastate very many. Hunting also places very much stress on animals, and can hinder their eating. This in turn reduces their amount of fat and energy they store during hibernation, and may not allow them to survive through winter.

The stress can also cause them to succumb more easily to diseases which in turn can spread to all members of the animal community. Consequently, because hunting disrupts the natural balance of plants and animals in an ecosystem, sport hunting should banned. Lastly, hunting also has the potential to destroy forests, and other habitats that animals live in. Hunters may leave camps unattended which can lead to forest fires, and damage the homes of plants and animals in the area.

Unattended campfires in the campsites of hunters, especially in dry summer months, are extremely dangerous to forests. They can very easily catch on trees and can potentially destroy entire forests and take many lives. Setting up a camp itself, though it may seem like a simple act, can also have damage on the surrounding plant life. Not only are plants suffocated by the weight of a tent but also any other gear brought. They are also heavily trampled. This damage could be done to an animal’s food supply, and could cause an entire group of animals to go hungry.

The weapons that hunters use can also cause physical damage to plants and trees which animals need for food and shelter. Bullets and arrows can easily slice through trees and plants, destroying both animal homes and their meals. Gunpowder and residues from other weapons can also settle onto plants. If ingested by an unsuspecting herbivore, this can make then very ill and can even be fatal to them. Finally, when hunting animals that reside in the water, the boats used pollute the oceans and lakes the animals call home, and injure animals that get too close to the propeller or motor.

Boats moving through lakes deposit gasoline and oil into lakes, which can be fatal to aquatic life. They also drag litter into the water which is hazardous not only for fish and other underwater creatures, but for animals such as otters and birds as well. Boat motors and propellers can also be tremendously dangerous to marine life, as they are sharp and can seriously disfigure an innocent creature. Thus, because hunting has the ability to destroy not only animals but also their habitats, it should be prohibited.

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