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Gun Control seems to be on the top of today’s subject. After the recent tragedies that occur at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, we are all concern for the victims. Many people are calling for stricter laws on gun control. No matter if you are for or against, something needs to be done about the regulation of gun control. In the past couple of years the United States has have its fair share of mass shooting form Congresswomen Gifford, Aurora, Colorado, and Jovan Belcher, a linebacker of the Kansas City Chiefs. He shot his girlfriend and then took his own life. In each of these events the guns used were legally purchased.

Growing up with guns

As a Native American and a member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, we are tough about the proper handling of guns. As a young man I can remember going out to the gun rang with my grandfather and uncle. They would be teaching the safety of gun control. They would teach what was tough to be and would give lessons about what type of gun I would be using. Not only did I learn about what type of gun I was shooting, I also learned how to clean my gun. Learning the proper way of handling guns is important.

The Jicarilla Apache Nation does a large amount of hunting for the people of the tribe. For some families this is the only way they, can receive meat. They also have rewards on some predator animals such as coyotes, mountain lions, and bears. Tribal members can go out to collect bounties on these predators. In one vehicle there could be as much as two rifles of one person. It is not uncommon to go to the local grocery store and see guns in people vehicles. No matter how many guns are around, gun violence is not the number one killer.

The pro’s and Con’s about gun control.

Many of the people want to band firearm. No matter if all firearms are banded many criminals could still get a gun. Marijuana is illegal to have in many states, but that does not stop people from getting the drug. Banding firearms is not the answer. It would make it harder for an honest person to obtain a firearm. Developing stricter background check can help in some cases. Teaching people the proper ways of handling a firearm could also help. Keeping them away from children and also teaching them about firearms is important. Many of the youth today carry some sort of firearms into school to show their friends. Both sides can debate the facts about the decrease or the increase of violence that a firearm could bring. The National Rifle Association (NRA) fights for the rights to use firearms for hunting and self defense.

There are organizations that back up the rights for firearms. There are also many groups that are against firearms. Some facts about firearms and mass murders. Since 1982, about 61 mass murders were carrying out with the use of firearms in the United States. Within that about 49 for those murders are by firearms purchase legally. There are other counties were they have more firearms people. This does not mean that there are more shooting in those countries.

The Second Amendment gives the right for an individual to possess a firearm. This Amendment was adopted into the Bill of Right in 1791. Since then time has changed and so should many of the laws. Having firearms to protect yourself and your family is important to most people, but there are other was to protect yourself and your family. A new study by Johns Hopkins researchers urging a tightening of gun control policies aims to inject some facts into what has become a highly polarized cultural debate while mass shootings and everyday gun violence claim thousands of lives in the USA (Devi, 2012).


If you are for or against firearms, the Second Amendment states that an individual has the right to bear arms to defend their selves and family form harm and danger. Having the proper education about firearms is important for each person who owns any type of firearms. Having a stricter background check can ensure that firearms are not sold to the wrong person. Despite all we can do if a criminal wants a firearm they could still receive one. Stricter laws about gun control can prevent some of the tragedies that have occurred in the United States.

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