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Persuasive argument Essay

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Persuasive argument

If one turns the pages history, one learns about the suppression of women’s rights. Men dominated in every aspect of life. If you analyze threadbare, cruelties continue to be heaped on them in many societies and countries even now. In countries where the laws framed by the government and the social system suppress their spirit, the condition of the women is even worse. During the last few decades, mostly in western countries, where great strides have been made for women in science and engineering, the condition of women has undergone tremendous change, according to Professor Mary Wyer of North Carolina State University.

Every word of what she says is true. For, her achievements and contribution for the cause of women in the field of Science, and for the awakening she has created, she has been conferred the Award by the National Science Foundation for Advance Leadership. Her research on attracting women to study science is the pioneering one and it has helped the cause of science education among women. She argues that histories of science and engineering are biased.

Nothing much is mentioned in the school/college curriculum about the contribution of women scientists. This again is the gender bias and the tendency has got to be reversed. The images of women scientists need more presence, elaboration and appreciation to create more confidence among the girl students, she opines. Is the data presented in an interesting and informative manner? Prof. Wyer traces the struggle of history of women for their rights from 1800s. The women since then had to fight for their rights from a highly disadvantageous position.

By the mid-1880s there was a shift in the thinking. Now the “advocates for women education argued that women could not fulfill their God-given duties to their husbands without a complete education, but the depth and range of subjects deemed appropriate for women’s minds was a matter of controversy. ” (p, 1) In the United States, Equal Opportunity in Science and Technology Act, 1980, was an important and helpful step for the women to assert and advance in the field of science.

Even in this field, the preference of women has been to enter the field of psychology, according to the data presented in the book by Wyer. As for mathematics, engineering, physics or computer science, men continued to dominate. The number of women has remained stationery or it is declining. The data presented by her further proves that the male research scientists are in majority, as compared to women, and this bothers Wyer. Her observation is supported by the research findings pertaining to New Carolina State by her and her many colleagues.

According to the survey, conducted over three semesters, significant material was collected on women’s scientific contributions and about the bias against women in science. To correct this position and to create more awareness among he girl students, steps like holding lectures, class activities and quizzes were conducted. The practice in vogue as for limited curriculum from women’s study courses will not make much difference in attitudes. Men and women continue to have different attitudes, even now in this advanced technological age. Men still feel uncomfortable working with women in science.

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