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Persuasion Paper Essay


  • It is a matter of human communication that is widely used by different individuals and institutions to make others agree on their idealisms to produce social effect.
  • It is viewed as the most powerful effect of human communication to the human society’s knowledge of truth and intensified fact about the systems present in the society today.


To prove the claims noted above, a survey on the effect of persuasion upon their lives shall be conducted:

The Sample Population:

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Class A: (3) Students Aged 9-14 who were questioned about how they are affected by the things that they see in television especially that of the advertisements.

Class B: (3) Students aged 15-21 who were asked how much they were affected by the electoral propagandas presented to them in voting for the candidates in political positions.

Class C: (4) Adults aged 25-31 who were asked on how they are being persuaded through marketing matters as well as political propagandas in doing their roles for the betterment of the society as consumers as well as voters.

  The survey has been performed randomly giving the survey participants a more non-controlled time of answering the questions thus allowing them to decide with their answers in clarity.


  From the survey that had been performed, here are the presentations that show the results of the process:



  The cycle of persuasion has been based from the results of the survey performed by the researcher. The feedback from the survey participants point out that there are different elements in the cycle that particularly strengthens persuasion approaches which directly affects the preferences of the society with regards the things that they are persuaded with.


There are different points of persuasion that

Robert Cialdini discusses in his book “Persuasion”

    • Liking: people like those who like them

It is obvious how people become interested upon those others who share the same interest upon them. It is then certain that once they have learned that they are liked by someone and/or being appreciated by a group or an institution, they begin to develop a certain liking towards those elements of society as well.

    • Reciprocity: people repay in kind

Once they are satisfied about something, people intend to return in kind. Whatever is it that is done to them; they intend to return the favor in the same manner. In persuasive procedures, it is certain that if a person or a group of people are aimed to perform better for the good of the majority, they are supposed to be given the opportunity to realize their satisfaction with the services that they receive from the organizations aiming to attract them.

    • Social proof: people follow the lead of similar others

this factor of persuasion includes the involvement of social norms upon the decision of the human population with regards their preferences on the services and the products that they intend to accept. In this regard, persuading people could still be based upon what is normally accepted by the society at present.

    • Consistency: people align with their clear commitments

When people have commitment with something, there is a strong expectation placed on the possibility that they would do their best to attain the different aspects of being capable of fulfilling their commitments. Through creativity, people are being persuaded to enter several commitments through giving them a glimpse of the benefits that they are supposed to accept once they are to consider entering the said contract of commitment.

    • Authority: people defer to experts

Giving the ordinary people a chance to see the technicalities of certain aspects that makes them almost equal to the experts by illusion is a way by which they are persuaded to appreciate several new inventions of technology at present. It is undeniable that through this process, advertising companies make it a point that the supposed “almost everything” is released to the society for public knowledge to simply lure the buyers to buy the gadgets presented to them through TV advertisements.

    • Scarcity: people want more of what they can have less of

Once people are presented with the possibility of having more than what they could usually have, they are then being persuaded to take interest on the idea hence allowing them to make decisions of having considerable preference upon those that appear to give them more than the usual.

The Different Uses of Persuasion in the Society Today:

  • Advertising

Business Corporations around the world sees to it that they are able to use the ability to persuade people to at least collect a considerable number of human population of whom they could call their target market for their products and services.

Through the use of advertising [in different mediums of social communication], business organizations are given the chance to show how much they are able to extend their connections to be able to establish appeal on the market that they are aiming to attract.

  • Faith

Religious groups are primary institutions in the human society. As for a fact, most people today base their personal decisions in life depending on the religious affiliation that they particularly belong to. To be able to attract people to follow a certain religious belief, religious groups are using different approaches of persuasion to be able to enlighten the minds of the people on seeing which kind of belief would most likely fit their lifestyle.

  • Presentation and Imagination

Most likely, this persuasive approach is used buy institutions as well as the media. Through enlivening the human imagination actually assisted many institutions as well as television or media producers to attract people in appreciating their works of creativity. Through helping the people understand certain truths through the aid of imaginative presentation, several issues in the society today had been obviously clarified.

  • Propaganda

Usually political as it is, persuasive propaganda aims to gain the interest of the people in appreciating certain plans of government electoral. They particularly use benefit-based attraction to help the people decide on who among the electoral candidates are supposed to be supported by the majority.

  • Seduction

On love and other human relationship as well as corporal presentations of products and service, the persuasive approach of seduction is utilized to spur interest upon the target group of people. Insisting certain points of consideration given to the possibilities of people being attracted to certain points of attraction in relationships and institutional presentations give clear description of persuasion in this particular situation.

The informations in this presentation points out the fact that people are given the chance to see the benefits that they could get from specific something that they are being persuaded to appreciate. It is through this that their interest upon the matter is being nourished thus used to give the aspect of satisfaction on the part of the others aiming to persuaded them well for the betterment of others’ goals of development.



Henry Copeland and Megan Mitzel. New Politics Institute. The Huge Opportunity For Online Political Ads. http://www.newpolitics.net/files/Advertise_Online.pdf. (November 9, 2007).

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