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Persuasion of Happiness

Persuasion of Happiness

Human life begins with the purpose of following some directions towards any goal and dream that is most prior to, meanwhile leaning to these goals/dreams there comes dependency over many factors of life on which most influential stories of today’s contemporary world movies revolve around. As in the post-moderate era with the prime changes of societal facts, human desires have been changed. To accomplish a meaningful life with spontaneous prosperity has become one of the prior achievements which incline every human life.

On the other hand, the merger of desires and needs has signified the ratio of obstacles. The accomplishment of this phenomenon is wage due to the uncertain environment, social values, political and religious paradigms. Pursuing the purpose some way affects every individual’s daily life through different pragmatic obstacles. The prime obstacles of this post-moderate era are below as.

  1. The Inner conflicts
  2. Physical conflicts
  3. Moral conflicts
  4. Psychological conflicts

The demise definition of all the above conflicts is “when wanting something you meet to an obstacle”, which peculiarly declares your intentions and obstacles that are part of today’s men’s life.

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Most often. The number of individuals affected by these conflicts is due to social changes, technological changes and primarily personal changes with the questions below.

  • What happened?
  • Why did this happen?
  • How did it happen?

To answer these brutal questions, I got an idea that I drove here and I had to do something with it. Ideally, the purpose to drive here is empowering because that the other side it is, if I drove here means I can drive out of here as well.

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Comparative dis-advantages

Though human life revolves around a cycle. But every individual has gotten a different question paper with different questions, which could be answered differently by different colored pens. Fixing one bullet in every nutshell customizes difficulties of many types that lead to a new phenomenal issue. Such as in the era of palceism/statuesque if one does not have enough money, can’t meet the requirement of the society and cannot fulfill all of the desires, how can he or she become part of any required status. So what happens then it leads to dissatisfaction and depression co-relatively put all the black shades upon the head of dreams and goals. Undoubtedly, looking beyond the capacity of life realities does have drawbacks and that can’t be met through easy ways.

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