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Perspectives: US and Iraq Essay

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Globalization has paved the way for technology to thrive. Economic growth is rooted in a country’s ability to expand on technologies that would productively utilize its resources. As a catalyst for capitalism, technology has often been used as a benchmark for nations to determine their status of development. Among the developed countries, the United States of America (USA) is one of the leading industrial powers of the modern world.

Its contributions to the scientific community have improved the lives of millions of people due to their open economy and democratic identity.

However, for most Arab countries like Iraq, technological advancement is a struggle since the interplay of religion and culture in its political history has slowed down its economic progress. This paper aims to offer an insight into the glaring differences of technological advancement from the perspective of a developed and developing country.

The USA is flowing with scientific innovations that cater to the different needs and wants of each individual.

This is due to the fact that its educational system fosters creativity and encourages competition as scientific projects and programs are supported by both the public and the private sectors. Since it is a country that flourishes in an open economy, the government is able to allocate the country’s resources to fund projects/programs that it deems necessary to maintain the status quo.

With regard to Iraq, its violent history under a tyrannical ruler has hampered its progress in the realm of technology. While it is one of the oil producing countries, advances made towards scientific innovations were slim to none. Its previous government under the late Saddam Hussein had control over most of the telecommunication systems as well as transportation and electricity so citizens were deprived of such amenities. The education system is also inadequate as the country struggles to deal with the on-going war on terror after the fall of Hussein’s regime.

At present, the Iraqi government is renovating its local and foreign policies to incorporate the expansion of Science and Technology into their development plan. The government is currently in an agreement with the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) on a development strategy that would support scientific innovations for institutions and businesses. In addition, an education plan was also created in the hopes of expanding the scope of science-driven educational institutions within the community as well as strengthening the workforce.

The plan also supports student exchange programs with Universities from top schools in developed countries. The government has also opened its doors to foreign support in advancing knowledge in the field of Information Technology, Medical and Electricity.

Conclusion: In all aspects of life, the use of technology is inevitable. Regardless of whether a country is considered developed or developing, technology will always be the driving force that propels a country to succeed in their aspirations for economic progress.

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