Personalized Medicine Essay

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Personalized Medicine


In today’s world DNA sequences are frequently and constantly improving, modern instruments can analyze DNA by the millions within a twenty-four hour period (Mader, 2010, P.178). Because of technology, these instruments have been made available now and in the future for the use of personalized medicinal products.

This paper provides an overview of how modern genetic technology may lead to personalized medicine, and to give examples two or more specific benefits of personalized medicine: a discussion of its drawbacks and limitations of the approach to human medicine.

“Modern Genetic Technology and Personalized Medicine”

Modern technology is constantly growing in our world, for us to understand how modern genetic technology may lead to personalized medicine and the importance personalized medicine. Personalized medicine is the tailoring of medical treatment for an individual with the unique characteristics for each patient. This approach is a scientific breakthrough for us to understand how a person’s unique molecular and genetic profile makes them susceptible to certain diseases. This same research is increasing our ability to predict and recognize which medical treatments will be safe and effective for each patient (Consumer Health, 2007). The Human Genome project of 2003, enlighten our understanding of the genetic component of disease that will continue to shape the medicine practices in the near future.

Detailed according to the “Human Genome Project” with all the DNA sequence that will give researchers the tools to explore the genetic variation across the world (Phillips, 2007). Technology has been a growth for advancement and rapidly changing, it has been made possible for the doctors and geneticists to find out the kind of diseases in a person DNA and to help prevent the diseases.

“The Benefits of Personalized Medicine”

Personalized Medicine has numerous benefits on an individual’s health, for example; * Shift the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention * Predict susceptibility to disease, improve disease detection, preempt disease progression * Customize disease-prevention strategies

* Prescribe more effective drugs and avoid prescribing drugs with predictable side effects * Reduce the time, cost, and failure rate of pharmaceutical clinical trials. (Jackson Laboratory, 2012). “The Societal Impact of Personalized Medicine”

In our society personalized medicine are questionable, there are legal and ethical questions, some of these questions are as follows; * Who should have access to a person’s genetic profile? Is it the Employers, the government, Life insurance companies or the insured? * How can we protect genetic privacy and prevent genetic discrimination in our workplace and in our health care?

* How consumers use genetic information as a health benefit? (Jackson laboratory, 2012). “The Limitations and the drawbacks of personal medicine” The limitations of technology are not yet known about personalized medicine and how to translate genetic information successfully. This poses a significant barrier to achieve the promise of reliable clinical information of personal genomes. Additionally the ethical and social issues surrounding the eugenic specter and the risk involving the breach of privacy and other stigmatism such as racism is yet to be addressed, as well as the guide to successful applications of the genetics will be needed for criminal research and medicine (Vernez, 2011).

According to Mayor Clinic, “Personalized medicine” also have some drawbacks in which many people today are willing to pay a high amount of money for a personalized approach to their health, which creates a problem in the genetic discrimination by the insurers and employers because; the insurers tend to charge a higher premium to those individuals who is at risk of being perceived of having bear genes that are life threatening. With this approach those individuals would not be able or have the ability to meet their medical demands, there would be limited access to services among most individuals because of the higher cost for further development to this approach (Consumer Health, 2011).


In my opinion personalized Medicine is a medical model that involves patient’s genetics and vital information with benefits that outweighs its drawbacks, personalized medicine allows individuals with a short expectancy span to live far longer, there the whole idea is that the limitation to the approach may lead to discrimination of an individual’s gene.

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