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The Big Five Personality Traits: The Five Factor Model

Gordan Allport, a psychologist in 1936 found that an English language dictionary contained more than 4,000 words that described different personality traits. He separated these traits into three levels: Cardinal traits, Central Traits and Secondary Traits. Cardinal Traits are the dominate traits in a person’s life, often to the point that the person becomes known specifically known for these traits. Central Traits are the general characteristics that form the basic foundation of personality. And the Secondary Traits are the traits…...

Comparison of McMurphy and Jesus Christ

Bromden and McMurphy are led to the electroshock room after they stood up for George, a fellow ward inhabitant, and assaulted the employees. As they anticipate the electroshock therapy, Bromden is nervous and afraid. However, McMurphy strangely expresses optimism despite the grave situation. The passage in which McMurphy gets prepared for the treatment clearly alludes to a martyr, specifically Jesus Christ. McMurphy even refers to himself as a Christ figure when he asks, “Do I get a crown of thorns?”…...

Ideal Person

Ideal person An ideal person is is that man or woman who can easily deliver his or her thoughts and ideas in a perfect manner.Actually an ideal person possesses iron determination and is a moral giant in the true sense of the term.The qualities he/ she possesses are truthfulness, honesty, love for his fellowmen, taking oath not to hurt others, not to pain anyone's soul and try to bow before the worthy and be a balm for the bruised hearts.If…...

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Tripartite Theory of Knowledge

It’s arguably one of the greatest philosophical debates of all time; what does it mean to know? The Tripartite Theory is a model that tries to define individually necessary and jointly sufficient conditions to know a proposition. Edmund Gettier wrote a three page paper that philosophers to this day are still trying to debunk. This essay investigates how Gettier shows that the Tripartite Theory of Knowledge fails, which then leads to a discussion whether the theory can ever be fixed.…...

Trait Perspective – Subira

What do McRae and Costa mean by introversion and extraversion? Is Subira introverted or extraverted? Find examples in the case to support your answer. Extraversion refers to outwardness and sociability. Intraversion refers to being shy or bashful. Individuals are high scorer when they are sociable, active, talkative, fun loving and optimistic. And they are low scorer when they are reserved, sober, retiring, and quite. In the passage, we learn that Subira is more reserved around her friends and her boy…...

Theme of Belonging and Identity

Having the right personal or social qualities, initially to be a part of a particular group defines belonging and even not belonging. The personal feeling of belonging can be portrayed within various text types it is dynamic and depends on how it is explored and shaped through many structures, language forms and features. Therefore this essay will effectively differentiate the perspectives and approaches to the element of belonging by contrasting two different texts. The selected text types certainly depict the…...

Generosity as One of Personality Traits

Developing the generosity trait can and will impact a person life in way that will amaze them. Generosity; as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary, is “the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish: the quality of being generous: especially willingness to give money and other valuable items to others.” Generosity, when first incorporated, gives new perspective to ordinary luxuries most likely that have been taken for granted. During life people develop and grow through the experiences and influences around…...

Personality Traits and Development of Sir Gawain

Charles Darwin once said that, “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Gawain is an honest and chivalrous knight, as seen in his pentangle, “The fifth five I find the famous man practiced Were – Liberality and Lovingkindness leading the rest; Then his Continence and Courtesy, which were never corrupted; And Piety, the surpassing virtue” (Gawain, 651-654). Sir Gawain’s chivalrous character seems…...

The Four Temperament Types in Psychology

Sanguine The sanguine personality is essentially spontaneous and pleasure-seeking; sanguine people are friendly and charismatic. They tend to take pleasure in social gatherings, making brand-new friends and tend to be energetic. They are normally rather imaginative and typically fantasize. Nevertheless, some alone time is important for those of this personality. Sanguine can also indicate sensitive, compassionate and romantic. Sanguine personalities usually fight with following jobs all the method through, are chronically late, and tend to be absent-minded and often a…...

Serial Killers' Personality Traits

Serial killers may live seemingly average lives, but they are con men/women. Their childhood, mental disorders, and social standing affect the very aspect of who they are. Serial killers may seem to live normal lives, but behind their mask is true evil lurking in the shadows. Serial killers come from all walks of life. Anyone could be living next door to one or across the country. Their brains usually are not the same as a “normal” persons brain is. Serial…...

Gary Kelly, an Effective Leader

Mr. Gary Kelly is the chief executive officer, CEO, of Southwest Airlines. Mr. Kelly was the chief financial officer, CFO, for Southwest Airlines from 1989 until 2004. He has served as the CEO of Southwest Airlines since 2004. I will provide concrete examples of how Southwest Airlines displays its corporate culture. I will describe what traits and skills Mr. Kelly possess which make him an effective leader. I will identify the core competencies of Southwest Airlines. “According to Herb Kelleher,…...

Five Core Personality Traits

Research has revealed that there are five core personality traits that comprise the big five. Many years of research beginning with Fiske 1949, Norman 1967, Smith 1967, Goldenberg 1981 and McCrea &Costa 1987. The big five are broad categories of personality traits that can be considered for differentiating one person to another. They include Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and Neurotism, hence the acronym OCEAN. Openness: people score high on openness are open to experience are intellectually curious, open to emotion,…...

?Leadership. Big Five personality traits

After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Define leadership and contrast leadership and management. 2. Summarize the conclusions of trait theories of leadership. 3. Identify the central tenets and main limitations of behavioral theories. 4. Assess contingency theories of leadership by their level of support. 5. Compare and contrast charismatic and transformational leadership. 6. Define authentic leadership and show why effective leaders exemplify ethics and trust. 7. Demonstrate the role mentoring plays in our understanding of leadership.…...

Character Traits of Lord Capulet

The tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was first produced around 1595, since when it has been one of William Shakespeare’s most popular plays. Taking place in Verona, Italy, it is set against the background of a constant feud between two rival families, the Capulets and the Montagues. At a party at the Capulet’s house, one of the Montagues, a young man called Romeo, falls in love at first sight with Juliet, Lord Capulet’s only child. She returns his love and they…...

A Short Story Haircut by Ring Lardner

In his short story, “Haircut,” Ring Lardner employs an atypical point of view style. Although the story is told completely from the point of view of a barber, what makes it unique is that the reader is a part of the story as the barber’s customer. Lardner makes use of the stereotype that barbers are very talkative while they do their work, and one can learn all the town gossip from them. The barber himself is very talkative by nature,…...

Narcissism as a Personality Trait

Narcissism is a character trait in which people tend to show more concern to self than other people around them. It can be either primary which is usually common in infants or secondary that is common in adults. This paper is going to look into the effects that the current generation narcissism has brought to the community and ways in which it can be controlled. Introduction Narcissism is a character attribute that is usually functional to a given social group…...

Pride in A View from the Bridge Play

Pride plays a great role in the play, “A View from the Bridge”. The biggest victim of pride is Eddie, who loses both his pride and respect throughout the play. And this gradual loss heavily affects the characters’ behaviors. However pride does not seem to be the only factor that dictates the progress of the play. In the beginning of the play, Eddie is full of pride. He is respected by both Marco and Rodolfo as well as the community.…...

Good Neighbor

A good neighbor is someone who respects other people and helps them if necessary. In my opinion, good neighbors are rare and some people do not even know who their neighbors are. First of all, a good neighbor is not noisy and they do not ask you personal questions. In addition, they do not make a lot of noise when you want to relax or sleep. Of course, they should invite you to a party because good neighbors are also…...

Patience Is a Virtue

Are you an impatience person? A person that complains a lot that all the things you want are done instantly. Or a person that would like to use every second of his/her time wisely. Here explains why patience is a virtue and why we should have patience. The phrase “patience is a virtue” is just a way of expressing the importance of being patient. A virtue is a trait or quality deemed to be morally excellent and thus is valued…...

‘Big 5’ personality traits

For each trait, supply an example of how it might contribute positively to an individual's efficiency. 1. Extraversion- An individual that is extraverted is somebody that is outbound and full of life. The majority of people like to think of extraverts as those people in a social group that like to be the center of attention or outspoken. According to Kendra Cherry, author for About.com and psychology guide," [e] xtraversion is defined by sociability, talkativeness, assertiveness and excitability." (Cherry, 2013,…...

Critical Response to I Just Wanna Be Average

In his essay “I Just Wanna Be Average,” Mike Rose details his school life in South L. A. Now a professor of Education and Information Studies at UCLA, Rose moves through secondary school at Our Lady of Mercy on the Voc. Ed. Track, revealing why the standardized versions of this “educational system” betray the core values behind liberal, humanistic education as we understand it. As Rose wants to stress the value of all individuals, the discrepancies between their actual intellectual…...

Five-Factor Model in Psyhology Field

McCrae and Costa’s Five-Factor model of personality is said to be predictive in certain behaviours such as honesty, job performance and procrastination. This Five-Factor model applies to organisational testing because personality is a crucial part in understanding the interests and abilities of an applicant within a business. There have been several criticisms of the Big Five and how accurately it can describe a person’s future performance. These criticisms will be discussed in length in this essay. The essay will also…...

The Principal Psychological Perspectives on Personality Traits

The behaviourist perspective is an idea that we can understand any type of behaviour by looking at what the person has learner. This includes personality traits such as shyness, confidence, optimism or pessimism. Behaviourist psychologists explain all human behaviour as resulting from experience. Two key psychologists are Pavlov and Skinner, although these two theorists believed that different processes were involved, they both explained all types of behaviour as being the result of learning. This is everything from shyness to aggression…...

Personality of Shakespeare's Shylock

Shylock: Victim or Villain Is a villain someone who lends money to help others but then charges interest? Intending to receive a pound of human flesh resulting in certain death if a promise is broken, surely this is somebody who is viewed as a villain. The same man who has experienced prejudice and discrimination all his life only because of his religion, which would be unimaginable in modern day, has this man now turned into a victim? Shakespeare a play…...

The Glass Castle Book Review

There are references of bad parenting around the world every single ddeay. Everybody is always so quick to point the finger on someone else’s choices and behaviors, that they don’t even notice to look back and reflect on themselves. Even though I am not a parent I am sure every day it comes with its struggles and obstacles. Like I said before, because I am not yet a parent and don’t plan on being one anytime soon I always have…...

Analysis of the Personality Traits of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is arguably one of the most successful CEOs of our times. In his time at Apple and Pixar he has redefined business across the Computing, Music and Mobile communications industries. In spite of being a college dropout he has gone on to become a technology and a business icon. His ability to achieve extraordinary success against tremendous odds makes him an extremely interesting personality to study. Following are his key personality traits. 1)Charismatic Charisma refers to the ability…...

The Five Factor view of personality describes an emerging consensus on the

The Five Factor view of personality describes an emerging consensus on the structure of personality in five main factors, often labeled Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Openness to Experience (e.g., Costa and McCrae, 1992; Digman, 1990; Goldberg,1990). The Big Five traits are found consistently using different research methods and have been recognized as genetically based, stable, and cross culture generalizable (e.g., Costa and McCrae,1988; Digman and Shmelyov, 1996; McCrae and Costa, 1997). The Five Factor model provides a comprehensive…...


CHAPTER TWOREVIEW OF RELATED LITERATUREIn this chapter, related literature within the context of personality traits and parenting rearing styles as predictors of career choice among undergraduate students will be reviewed under the following headings; Theoretical Framework of the Study Conceptual Framework of the Study The Concept of Personality The Concept of Parenting Rearing Styles The Concept of Career Choice Students Personality traits and Career choice Parenting Rearing Styles and Career Choice Sex and Career Choice Age and Career Choice Summary…...

The Relationship Between Leadership Style and Personality Traits

Mohammad Nasir Zahor (18827) Emran Hamkar ( ) Environmental Designs International (EDI) Question 01: ''At the senior management level, you get hired for competence. You get fired for personality.'' In your opinion, is this statement true or false? And how does it relate to Barry Carver and his current leadership style? Answer 01: We believe this statement is true. Since attitude plays a crucial part in dealing with people, it can augment or undermine one's people skills. Once a person…...

The Key Personality Traits of Mark Zuckerberg

Surgency personality dimension includes leadership and extraversion traits. Mark sowed his strong surgency as the wants to be the person who is in charge instead of being the dominance of the others. Mark did not really accept or commit with the twin Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss idea which they try to hire Mark to build a dating, a social site which they called Harvard Connection. As a surgency person, Mark does not like to be the dominance of others so…...

My Personality Traits

Every individual has its own personality traits that make him distinguish from other individuals. I also have unique personality traits and the five big personality traits that describe my personality are as follows: One personality trait that I have is that I am a reserved and quiet person because I want to work alone and do not like to talk to anyone especially to a stranger. I do not make friends easily. Another personality trait is that I am hardworking.…...

Juanita Platero's Short Story Chee's Daughter

This paper discusses how the setting and environment in Juanita Platero's "Chee's Daughter" reveals much about the character's personalities A characters environment reveals a great deal about his personality. In Chee's Daughter by Juanita Platero and Siyowin Miller this theory is displayed. In this story a young Navajo Indian girl is taken from her home by her deceased mother's parents. Two different environments which reflect values and personalities are conflicting. A young traditional Navajo,Chee , and a non-traditional Navajo businessman,…...

Odyssey and Different Personality Traits

Everyone has different personality traits. Odysseus has both hero qualities and not so heroic qualities. This epic poem is called “The Odyssey”. It was written by Homer, an ancient Greek poet. Epic hero qualities are traits the hero character of a story has. They include strength, loyalty, intelligence, and courage. One would think Odysseus has many epic hero traits, but he also has many traits that are not heroic. There are many examples of his heroic qualities. Something that shows…...

The Most Important Rule Is To Be Kind

There are many great rules in the world. A rule is another word for a saying that you live by. Whenever I think of a wonderful rule I heard, It would be one that goes like \"When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.\" from the book Wonder, written by R.J. Palacio and spoken by a character called Mr. Browne. This rule is truly powerful because based on my knowledge, being right will not always benefit…...

FAQ about Personality Traits

What is an educated Filipino?

...There are, then, at least, three characteristics which I believe to be the evidence of the educated Filipino—the power to do, to support himself and contribute to the wealth of our people; acquaintance with the world's progress, especially with tha ...

What do you think bill and melinda gate’s personality traits are under each of the big five personality dimensions?

...These dimensions represent broad areas of personality. Research has demonstrated that these groupings of characteristics tend to occur together in many people. For example, individuals who are sociable tend to be talkative. However, these traits do n ...

Nature Vs Nurture or Why Boys Become Vicious

...Children are not born evil, we don’t choose become exposed to it. Once we are we are capable of evil we become more destructive the worst bomb. As the technology increase so does the exposure to evil. With evil there is always good, it is up to eac ...

How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson?

...The Indian removal is shown in Document 10. I believe Old Hickory was both democratic in some areas and undemocratic in other areas. Other than Document 1, all other documents prove to show that his actions had good intentions, but sometimes bad res ...

What Are Your Signature Strengths?

...Being kind not only made me feel happy but it also helped me a lot to achieve my goals in life. I used to set my personal goals every year and will always try my best to achieve it. Some of my goals are as simple as seeing others smiling because of m ...

What are the Big Five Personality Test Traits?

...These dimensions represent broad areas of personality. Research has shown that these groupings of properties tend to occur together in many people. For example, social individuals tend to be talkative. However, these features do not always occur toge ...

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