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Personality Dimensions

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1472 words)
Categories: Persona,Personal,Personality
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2. According to Personality Dimensions theory, everyone is “plaid”. Describe your “plaid” and how your colours affect each other. Describe how your second colour affects your dominant colour. Describe how your third colour affects your temperament. And, describe the impact of your least preferred colour. Be sure to support each of your descriptions with an example.

(1) Second colour Dominant colour

(Orange) (Gold)

My second colour affects my dominant colour positively. I usually like to make a plan for something to do first and then do it as planned.

But I am also flexible, decisive and quick to act so if something unexpected happens, I quickly orient the plan to the new conditions. For example, I had a date with my girl friend years ago. I, of course, had scheduled many things, such as where we have dinner, where we have desserts, before I met her. But she did not want to go to the restaurant where I had thought to go. It was hopeless situation to me, but I quickly recommended another restaurant and we had a pretty good meal there.

(2)Third colour Temperament


I think that I am a kind of creative thinker. I always like to think uniquely so people around me sometimes call me a psycho. In additional, I am quitesensitive to the needs of others and supportive, so it is interesting for me to listen to others talking and have counseling. These make me to dream to be an ad-maker or a marketing specialist in the future so that I want to catch what they want and satisfy them. When I was a university student, for example, I have won the first prize at advertising competition a couple of times. Also, I have many friends because I am pretty good at catching what people need and caring of people. (3)The impact of my least preferred colour

I am not competitive so much, logical, and analytical. Besides, I am not good at seeking the big picture and thinking strategically. I would prefer to think, care, and consider small things emotionally. For example, when I play video games with my friend, I do not care about the result of the game and I do not have to win at the game. The only things I consider are that how can we enjoy playing the game without strong competition? Or what if I win continually the game, how does my friend feel? As another example, I have no enough aspirations for academic achievement and strong sense of rivalry so that I cannot get excellent marks from exam.

3. Identify 2 strengths from your strongest colour that best describe your personality. Explain how each affects the kind of environment you’d like to work in and/or the kind of work you’d like to do. The two strengths are organization and planning skills and cooperative & willing to help out. First, organization is very important when I do something. Because, I think it is very important for me to understand which one is the most important thing to do, how long it is going to be taken, and what information is required to do that. After organizing myself, I instinctively make a plan before act. By planning, I can manage time, and I can be sure what the most important to do is as well. Through this planning, I can be given better results from whatever I did. Second, I am willing to help someone out.

Human being is not perfect so people have to depend on each other. If I help someone out, he or she can help me out when I get in troubles. With these two strengths, I would like to work as a marketing specialist or an ad-maker because these two jobs require collecting very organized information about what consumers need or want, planning skill how to manage time, save money, and how this job to be proceeded. Also, it is impossible for me to understand what the consumer tastes is, and how to proceed the job without help from others. Especially, marketing specialists or ad-makers work in a team so that the team members should work in perfect harmony each other. With those my two strengths, organizing a lot of information, planning, and helping my team members, if necessary should not be not hard for me to do.

4. Identify 2 strengths from your second colour that apply to you. Explain how each affects the kind of environment you’d like to work in and/or the kind of work you’d like to do The two strengths from my second colour, Orange, are flexible, adaptable and decisive, and quick to act. To become marketing specialists and ad-makers, those characteristics are very important because everything changes suddenly, and rapidly nowadays. So people, who sense, and adapt changes, can only have their consumers.

5. Your palest colour represents characteristics/behaviours that are more challenging for you. Which 2 characteristics or behaviours from your palest colour would you most like to develop? Why? How do these challenges affect your choice of career or work environment? I would like to develop logical, rational, and strategic thinking from green. Those characteristics are very important requirements for me to be a marketing specialist or an ad-maker, but I am not good at them now. Supposing I became one of them, I need to appeal consumers with advertisements, or strategic plans so that I have to make them to purchase products. To be successful in my job, logical, rational thinking will be helpful for me to figure out and research what consumer want and need. Based on that information, in addition, I have to get into the strong market competition with very strategic plan.

6. Explain 2 ways your knowledge of Personality Dimensions will help you work more effectively with others. The most important ways, which help teamwork, are taking responsibility and respecting each other. I think a team is that a group of people who have the same goal and work like a well-oiled machine. So, each of group members should be responsible on his or her task assigned first to make the team in a perfect harmony. Respecting each other can prevent the arguing between group members and it affects for the group members to have variety of idea, opinions and experiences from each.

7. Discuss one potential conflict that you might experience when working with someone from each dominant colour. Try to explain why you would expect the conflict, and what could be done to resolve it. Thus, you will discuss a total of four potential conflicts:

•you + Inquiring Green

If I have conflict with green, it might have been caused by different major concern. The green people try to argue facts, not feeling but I am concerned with feeling. To resolve this conflict, different part of tasks should to be assigned to each so that we do not have to argue each other.

•you + Resourceful Orange

If I have conflict with orange, it might have been caused by the different type of working way. The orange people are practical risk-taker and try to complete tasks quickly, but I usually take pretty longer time to organize and plan everything. To resolve this conflict, it is necessary for each to respect each other. I need to try to reduce taking time organizing and planning, and orange needs to understand me. That is the only way to be in perfect harmony when we work together.

•you + Organized Gold

If I have conflict with another gold person, it might have been caused by different planning from each. We are both confident to plan before get started our tasks so that conflict can happen to us. To resolve this, we need to start to plan together from the beginning, and make an effort at finding common ground.

•you + Authentic Blue

If I have conflict with blue, it might have been caused by whether or not everything is clear. The blue people are pretty compliant and it is not acceptable for me that if everything is clear. To resolve this conflict, we need to make the subject clear first so we know what our aim is, and we try to work step by step.

8. What did you like or dislike about your experience with Personality

Dimensions? Explain. With Personality Dimensions, it was a great chance for me taking a lot of time to think of myself; my characteristics, my strengths, my weakness, and what kind of job would be better for me. But, I cannot perfectly be sure whether the result of it is real or not. Besides, if I am interested in different of job, which I didn’t mentioned and it is not even involved in my dominant colour though, perhaps it needs to be given up by myself before I start working or learning.

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