Personality Assessment Essay

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Personality Assessment

Personality assessments are becoming standard practice within many organizations. Understanding an organization’s most important resource is essential for an organization to perform its tasks efficiently. An individual’s personality is generally thought to be brought about by two main factors; heredity, and environment. Although the studies are not conclusive, Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge (2013) write in their book entitled, Organizational Behavior, “…it might surprise you that research tends to support the importance of heredity over the environment” (Pg. 134).

Regardless of the factors that influence personality, it is increasingly becoming an important factor in hiring practices as well as team organization within companies. Learning Team D is a group of individuals from different backgrounds and environments. Just like it takes different parts to make a machine operate properly, it is essential that a team contain different working parts to work efficiently. Although many personality assessments are available, (2013) “The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used personality assessment instrument in the world” (pg.135). This paper will review the assessments of the individuals on Team D using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Chris Ross

According to the MBTI, Chris’ personality is an ENFP. This means that he is an extrovert, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving individual. Chris’ background as a minister lends to his presence a motivator and encourager. He tends to see the big picture that enables him to diffuse issues that may occur within a team. He is a passionate individual and operates within a set of values. Integrity in the process is important to Chris. The ends do not justify the means. It is important that the team does things the right way. Chris is also flexible and spontaneous in his approach to tasks. He gets easily bored with performing things the same way every time. He is a valuable member to the team because of his ability to think outside the box.

Crystal Tavano

Crystal’s personality is ENTP. According to “They Myers & Briggs Foundation” website, this means she is an extrovert, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving individual. It means she is easily bored and needs to be constantly challenged. She moves, thinks, and speaks quickly. Because she is bored by routine, she will often innovate new and better ways to complete tasks. Crystal likes to create change and try new things. She also generates conceptual possibilities and analyzes information strategically. She is good at reading people, but does not always take others feelings into consideration when making decisions.

Crystal is a valuable member of the team because she is constantly analyzing the best way to complete a project. She organizes information well and will use any resources at her disposal to help her team, but she may also push her ideas on the team because she assumes her analysis has concluded with the best way to complete a task. She genuinely wants everyone on her team to be successful, but earn that success through contributions of quality work.

Dedric Norris

Dedric’s personality is ISTJ (Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging). The detailed version of this assessment was described as moderately expressed introvert, slightly expressed sensing personality, slightly expressed thinking personality, and moderately expressed judging personality.

According to the assessment – “They have a keen sense of right and wrong, especially in their area of interest and/or responsibility” (ISTJ, 2012). This statement is true because Dedric is more capable of completing tasks when he has a complete awareness of the correct approach. He becomes extremely devoted to the task at hand. He prefers to plan and adopt a methodical approach to finish tasks in an orderly fashion. He meets deadlines and prefers to be busy.

Dedric is not happy when colleagues do not finish their work on time. He is upset by inconsistency. He prefers to stick to conventional methods on performing tasks. Following a familiar approach permits a faster completion of tasks, but he is also flexible to try new methods.

The Briggs also states that “ISTJ’s are often known as inspectors” (ISTJ, 2012). Dedric is reserved with his feelings but will tell the truth when probed. He thinks that honesty is the best solution in any situation.

Tiffany Bessire

Tiffany’s personality is INFJ, meaning she is an introvert, intuition, feeling, and judging individual. This means that she gets most of her energy from dealing with her inner creative ideas. Although she likes to have a clear idea of what she is doing before she acts, she also likes doing new and different things. Tiffany is very reflective, keeping future possibilities in her thought, yet is very decisive in implementing her vision. She wants to understand what motivates people and is insightful about others. She is Conscientious and committed and likes to develop a clear vision about how best to serve the common good. (“The Myers & Briggs Foundation,” n.d.). Tiffany is a valuable member of the team because she is very organized. She is compassionate about others feelings when making decisions and will also work very hard helping to complete a task before enjoying herself. She will help solve problems within the team by looking at the big picture and leaping between different ideas and possibilities. Her focus on early completion of a goal will make a contribution to the team.

Quincy Ingle

Quincy’s personality is ENTP. According to MyersBriggs, ENTP personalities are complex thinkers and love challenges. ENTP individuals become bored very quickly. They enjoy brainstorming and looking at the options in every situation. Quincy fits this type as he is a critical thinker. Before making any decisions, he must first know all the facts. After taking time to reach a final decision on a matter, he is firm in his decision and rarely changes his mind.

ENTP personalities are very distinct and honest individuals. Being honest has its advantages, but this quality can be a gift and a curse. Quincy must choose how honest to be in certain situations. He is not an emotional thinker. ENTP personalities are very rational and do not see much value in emotions or emotional arguments. Consequently, they are logical thinkers, but likely to have difficulty with emotion. Quincy makes his decisions based on the situation and facts provided, and not primarily on how it affects other people.


Learning Team D includes members with a variety of personality types. This mix creates an assortment of strengths and weaknesses. The team works well together because of this diversity. One member’s strength supports another’s weakness. Each member of the team works well individually and therefore can contribute significantly to the whole. Finished products from this team are always of the highest quality.

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