Personality and Temperament of Dogs

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Every dog has a different personality and temperament. Many of them are more active than others and special in their own way. I made a visit to the Whittier Dog Park and observing the dogs was very interesting. To see their different behaviors with one another was pretty entertaining. You can tell which dogs are trained and which aren’t. Even some dogs acted like children by staying close to their owners. But this outdoor stimulation is needed so that the dogs can be able to relax and behave at home.

Dog parks are also a great way for your furry family member to make furry friends. But things can go bad pretty quickly when it comes to dogs socializing with each other especially if they are complete strangers.

There were two dogs that caught my attention a cocker spaniel and a small mixed Chihuahua. As I was observing their behavior the Chihuahua wanted to play and the cocker spaniel just wanted to be next to its owner.

As the Chihuahua was jumping around trying to get its attention the spaniel just kept looking at the Chihuahua like a little crazy dog. Finally after a couple of min the spaniel got up and began to play. I feel like the spaniel just needed to warm up to the Chihuahua. After all meeting someone new at the park can sometimes be scary or intimating. Another dog I noticed was playing with his owner and looked very well trained. When the dog would get distracted the owner would grab his attention back quickly.

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I also saw an interaction that intimidated a small dog. A small dog was entering when another dog came running up to the entrance to “greet” them. But the dog had a very assertive stance and was growling. So instantly the small dog that just got there got scared and started growing. After that I saw the owner leave and walk around the park instead of being inside the park. I saw many different kinds of dogs from German shepherd, Saint Bernard, Chihuahua, King Charles, Pit bull and Siberian huskies.

We humans can miss a lot about dog play, like many of us confuse play for aggression. It may look like aggression but the dogs are just enjoying playtime. Some signs I saw were play bows, mouth open when play biting, more side-to-side movement rather than forward movement and jumping high up and down. Some signs of trouble I saw at the park were dog staring at each other with a hard stare, barking but an aggressive charging forward type of barking, and tail held high. These owners immediately removed their dogs from the area and allowed them to cool off. I learned a lot about the behaviors of dogs by observing the dog park. I learned that some proper dog park etiquette is needed. It only takes one lousy owner to ruin your dog’s experience at the park. The dog park should be a safe and fun place for you and your dog to enjoy.

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