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Personality and Body Image: A Systematic Review

I decided to participate in a personality and body image in young women study and survey. I feel that I could relate to a lot of the questions I was asked. After learning further about this matter I found out that negative body image is common in men and women of all ages, and has negative consequences for individual functioning. Personality may be expected to relate to negative body perceptions, irrespective of actual body proportions.

Negative body image is associated with a greater occurrence of psychological distress.

There are five major dimensions of trait personality which include Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness.

Neuroticism captures susceptibility to emotional instability. People that score high on neuroticism may experience feelings such as depression, anxiety, and tend to be self-conscious. Extraversion apprehends the quantity and intensity of interpersonal interactions. People that score high on extraversion tend to experience positive emotions and are usually outgoing. Openness is the tendency to experience exciting events. People that score high on openness value emotional acceptance, and are creative.

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Agreeableness is social harmony, and also captures concern for cooperation. People which score high on agreeableness tend to care more about their physical appearance, which causes a negative body image. Conscientiousness captures organization. Conscientious people take things seriously and are confident in every task they achieve.


I participated in a personality and body image study. Personally, I feel that the methodological approach is valid concerning this topic. Psychologists sometimes run into problems with organizational issues when it comes to being in charge of surveys and experiments.

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The advantages I feel to online surveys are conservation of paper, money saved on postage, and it’s much easier with today’s software to create an online survey as opposed to one having to be created to mail. There are two types of sampling; Probability and Nonprobability. Probability happens when the researcher can specify the probability that all members of the population will be selected for the study. Nonprobability occurs when the researcher cannot specify these probabilities. Survey researchers use probability sampling most of the time. They do this because they want to get the most accurate estimates about each population and this is done by probability sampling. Probability sampling requires a clear specification of the population, unlike nonprobability sampling. For example, a survey may be sent to an owner of a specific type of car such as a Honda. Researchers would look for people to participate in a survey who have purchased a Honda and not a Ford, Chevrolet, or Toyota and the list could go on. Once Honda owners were specified, probability sampling would then require a sampling frame. A sampling frame is a list of members of the population that will be selected to participate. The information could come from an email list each Honda dealership provided for the survey. The disadvantage in this example is maybe the person who purchased a Honda didn’t give their email address, gave an invalid email address, or in the case of older adults, they don’t have a computer let alone an email address, while others did. This would make sizing up an online population who purchased a Honda difficult because it wouldn’t cover the entire population of buyers, but instead the only ones who provided an accurate email address.


The survey showed me what questions people tend to ask themselves when they have concerns about their body image and the way they see themselves. To me, this experience was worthwhile because I feel that this helped me understand that I am not the only one that is concerned with my body image. The survey also made me realize that men and women of all ages have problems with their body image. Also, people could take this survey to determine if they need to seek help pertaining to their body image.

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