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Personal Writing – Learning to understand Essay

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As usual George stopped at the local sweet shop on his way to school. It was the same old woman at the counter: Mrs. Meridew. She never smiled or thanked anyone. Gorge was not really bothered by this since he only went to the shop to buy sweets.

“50p of ‘Cola Bottles’ and 20p of the ‘Suga Snakes’.” George always ordered the same thing so the old woman had started packing his sweets before he had finished telling her his order.

As he headed out of the door, with the sweets safely in his pocket, he saw his older brother, David, walking to school with a girl he had never seen before.

She was short, about five feet tall, with auburn hair. She was walking behind David and she occasionally ran ahead to say something and then returned to her position, behind him. He watched them both turn onto the school road and then made his way to the school as well.

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He got to the school gates just in time to see them both entering through the main entrance and going to their separate classrooms. He didn’t see either of them for the whole day.

George got home at around 4 o’clock and called for his brother who appeared not to be home. His parents were at work so it was just him and Ginger, his old and fragile cat. He got changed and made himself something to eat when he heard the front door open and the voice of his brother calling for him. David was not looking his normal self. His face was seemed as though he was hypnotized and his eyes were full of exhaustion. He dropped his bag and without another word, he made his way upstairs, supposedly to his room.

After about half an hour, George decided to check on how his brother was. He quickly climbed up the stairs and walked into David’s room without knocking. David was at his desk and as soon as he saw George standing in the doorway, he rushed to clear everything, from his desk, out of site.

“Why didn’t you knock?” David screeched.

“Why does it matter? It only could if you had been doing something, eh?” George was getting cheeky. There was just a look of plain rage on David’s face. George thought it would be the best thing to leave the room, so he did, and went downstairs. He knew now that there was something suspicious going on between David and the girl he had seen walking with him. He just needed to read those letters to find out what was going on. He shouldn’t really interfere with his brother’s life, should he?

Suspiciousness got the better of George and the following morning, he was going to try hard to get his brother out of the house, but David left much earlier than normal without George even trying.

This was his perfect chance to read those notes David had been writing yesterday evening. He hurried up the stairs and scampered along the landing to David’s room. He had to open the door quietly since his mum was still asleep in the room next door. David had evidently cleaned up his room before leaving; the bed had been made and all his belongings were in position. George went straight for David’s desk and started to empty its contents onto the floor. The pile he was making was getting bigger, but there was no sign of any sort of abnormal letters or pieces of writing. Could he have known that George was going to rummage through his room?

George started to replace everything back into David’s desk as it was before his careless search. Just then, there was the sound of the front door being swung open very loudly. He knew at once what had happened. David had realized that he had left George at home and now had rushed back to make sure he didn’t go through his room.

” GEORGE! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!” David was screaming at the top of his voice.

George could hear him running around looking for him downstairs as he was stuffing all of the bits of paper and books into David’s desk. George heard him running up the stairs and his speed of clearing up the mass got faster, but not quite fast enough as David burst in the room. His hair was in a state and his face was burning with fury. He was very wheezy and was spitting at odd moments. George felt nothing, but the greatest fear, as his brother looked as though he would murder him, there and then…

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