Personal Traits and Personality Essay

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Personal Traits and Personality

     When we try to establish a relationship with another person, we put much consideration on our personalities. Instinctively, we assess the other person’s traits and evaluate his personality to determine whether or not they are compatible with ours. Given this reality, it is imperative to conclude that a man’s personality plays a crucial role in his relationship with others.

     Personality has been defined as the patterns of behavior, thought, and emotion unique to an individual. It embodies the essential characteristics inside a person that determines his actions on a given situation. For instance, I get easily irritated when people who I am supposed to meet are late. My reaction shows that I value promptness. My personality, in this case, explains my emotions.

     Personality is developed through the influences of internal and external forces. It is the product of continuous mutual interaction among the person’s mind, the person’s behavior, and the external environment. (Bandura, 1997)

     Psychologist and social scientist continue to study personality to explain how and why certain personality traits develop. American psychologist Gordan Allport delineated three kinds of traits with varying degrees of relationship with one’s self: central traits, secondary traits, and cardinal traits.

Central traits are considered as the building blocks of personality. The most obvious traits of a person by which he is described by others as: smart, honest, cheat, shy and other traits unique and peculiar to an individual. Those that are not so obvious or so general such as preference and attitudes are our secondary traits. There are also the cardinal traits that some people have which practically defines their lives. Joan of Arc embodied the cardinal trait of self sacrifice.


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