Personal Strategy Card Essay

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Personal Strategy Card

B. Carefully describe the degree to which you use each of your Learning Patterns. (Refer to the Personal Learning Profile you developed for your Week Two assignment and any feedback provided by your instructor to determine if you need to refine your responses as you complete this section.)

Sequence: Sequence is something I did not realize that I use on a daily basis and how important it is to my daily life. When at work I would be lost and confused with out my daily checklist that I have set up to start my day. I tried to step out of my normal daily routine and checklist and became frustrated with the start of my day and was lost for most of the day. I can understand how this is a use as needed as I do not like to follow directions for a task. I sometimes feel that my idea or my schedule is better for a issue or given task. “What do you mean I have to follow these directions?” (Intentional Learning for College Success Page 82 Table 2.1: Sequence Pattern) Is something I ask myself on many different tasks and assignments, “I can do this my way and still get the job done.”

Precision: I love knowledge; more knowledge makes me feel like I am a God. With work, personal life and schooling, I memorize everything I can get my hands on to use at a later time within conversation and everyday life. My husband and I will talk about fundraiser ideas within our company for up coming events. I will question him is every aspect of the idea and leave no stone unturned in the idea. Within this class I know why he gets frustrated when I question or challenge the idea as his use of precision is avoid manor.

Technical Reasoning: As a kid growing up I was always curious on how things worked and why they work. Growing up I was fascinated with how automatic door openers work. What causes the door to open? Is it the mat in front of the door? I took the door apart in my mind and look at all the parts of the door. By the end I figured out what the internal working was and felt very accomplished when I found out after dissecting the door in my mind. This course has shown me that I do this not only with real world items but with in statements, questions and things that I read. As in the same of taking apart the door in my mind to see how it works, I see now that I take apart what I see to find the mean, the purpose and the thought of the person that is making the statement. I feel that this works very well with my Use Frist Precision the need and the want to gather knowledge for every thing I do.

Confluence: Confluence is an LCI that I use as needed. I understand why this as needed as I try to always see the big picture and I think outside the box in every task and conversations that I have but, I know I do not like when a topic or task dose not have a clear goals. I can remember a school assignment in middle school for history that required me to think out side the box. The issues with the project the assignment came when after a week of working on the project the instructions to what we where to complete changed the a few days later the deadline for the project changed. When this happened I felt I had lost control of the project and be overwhelmed with what I was doing. I did manage to keep my thought on the project.

C. Identify all verbs and specific terms from the assignment instructions and describe how each Learning Pattern will be used to effectively complete the Week 5 assignment. (Critically review the Final Reflection assignment in Week Five and decode it.)

Sequence: With week 5 assignment sequence is most used in paragraph

1. With instructions of review the explanations given in the textbook and compare. This instruction will require me to collect the explanations and organize the information in a readable sequence.

Precision: Precision is seen in almost all of the paragraphs. With describe, identify and explain being seen a lot in the final writing assignment, this is requiring me to be on track and stick to the facts of the question that is being asked.

Technical Reasoning: For Technical Reasoning of the writing assignment paragraph 4 is using verbs as, “ how will you use.” This to me in the writing assignment will make me show how I plan on demonstrate my FIT patters to become a successful student at Ashford.

Confluence: Confluence is something I do not see in as part of the writing assignment. I did not see any instructions that would require me to take a risk or improvise and part of the writing assignment. With the last assignment I am going to have to use confluence to brainstorm to ensure that I will pass the assignment with the best possible grade.

D. Explain how you will Forge, Intensify, or Tether (FIT) your Learning Patterns to implement personal strategies so you can complete the Week Five assignment efficiently and effectively. (If you do not need to FIT a Pattern, include a description of the strategies you naturally use which help you to be successful on these types of tasks.)

Sequence: With sequence I am going to intensify this learning patter to better plan my writing assignment and give myself a better feeling that I understand the instructions that are required for the last assignment. This will provide me with the best possible outcome no to get off track and to stay with in my schedule.

Precision: Precision is a Use First within my learning patterns. I believe that if I can tether my precision with sequence these will strengthen my ability to remain organized with the assignment. Also tethering my confluence with my precision will allow for ideas to come forward and not be afraid to use within the assignment.

Technical Reasoning: I do not see the need of the technical reasoning for the last writing assignment. With the writing assignment I like to crate a brake down of the assignment to ensure with in the writing program. This helps me to better see what I am writing.

Confluence: Confluence is something I am going to intensify with this writing assignment. To lessen the fear of the final writing assignment and also allow for me to let me brainstorm the idea that I have into the writing assignment.

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